Obama Appears at New Jersey Rally, Refuses to Say Trump’s Name

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Former President Barack Obama made a very rare appearance in New Jersey today.  He delivered a speech that demanded, from now on, Democrats not to take elections for granted.  He also refused to call Trump by name.

The crowd greeted him with chants of “four more years”.

Obama responded:

I will refer you both to the Constitution, as well as to Michelle Obama, to explain why that will not happen.

Obama returned to the political stage in support of Phil Murphy.  Murphy is the Democratic gubernatorial hopeful in New Jersey.

While he didn’t mention President Trump outright, Obama’s message was clear.  He called on Democrats to “reject” current policies with their vote.

From his speech:

You’re going to send a message to the country and send a message to the world that we are rejecting a politics of division, we are rejecting a politics of fear, that we are embracing a politics that says everybody counts.

Former President Obama brought up the devastating loss that Democrats faced in the 2016 election.  The story sounds eerily familiar.  The polls appear to show the Democrats inching ahead.  However, the Democrats learned their lesson about polls.

Obama addressed the audience:

You can’t take this, or any election, for granted.  I don’t know if y’all noticed that, but you can’t take any election for granted…You’ve gotta run through the tape.

This was a rare appearance for the former president, but we’ll probably see more in the coming months.  Clearly, the Democrats are pulling out all the stops to regain power from their massive defeat last November.

Next, the former president will stop in Richmond, Virginia.  Virginia is the only other state holding elections for governor this year.  At this point, Virginia’s election looks more like a battleground.

Obama says he doesn’t believe “polls” or “pundits”.

If only he had felt that way a few months ago.

Watch Obama’s full speech below:





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