New Jan. 6 Videos Confirm Capitol Police Officer Was Not Truthful In Oath Keepers Trial

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According to investigative journalist Steve Baker from Blaze Media, newly released closed-circuit TV video clips from the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, reveal that Capitol Police Special Agent David Lazarus provided false testimony in the trial of the Oath Keepers.

In an analysis published in October, Baker questioned Lazarus’ testimonial accuracy as he observed time-stamped CCTV videos showing Lazarus in different areas of the Capitol complex during the time he claimed to have witnessed former Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn interacting with Oath Keepers.

The access to these videos was limited and restricted, only available for viewing on Washington, D.C., House subcommittee terminals.

Additionally, when Blaze News attempted to publish a single screenshot of Lazarus in the Capitol after then-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was removed from office, they were not permitted due to video restrictions at that time.

In early November, U.S. Representative Barry Loudermilk (R-Georgia) released multiple screenshots of Jan. 6 videos showing Lazarus’ movements within the Capitol.

Loudermilk stated that he took this action because an allegation of a Capitol Police officer lying under oath is a serious matter that requires a thorough investigation.

On November 17, Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) announced that nearly all security videos from January 6th – totaling approximately 40,000 hours – will be made available online for public access.

This decision came after Matthew Peterson, editor-in-chief at Blaze News appealed to Speaker Johnson for the release of all the videos.

On Friday, Baker announced that Blaze News had finally received permission to publish the Lazarus video clips.

These clips are featured in a new video titled “The Truth about January 6: Part III: David Lazarus: Proof of Perjury,” which was published on Monday by BlazeTV.

Baker’s announcement came in response to Tarik Johnson, a former Capitol Police lieutenant, who revealed that his sources informed him that USCP Chief J Thomas Manger chose not to investigate the allegation of false testimony by USCP Special Agent David Lazarus in the Oath Keepers trial.

In Monday’s BlazeTV video, Baker analyzes Lazarus’ movements within the Capitol complex using time-stamped CCTV footage.

In a detailed breakdown, minute-by-minute, Baker demonstrates through these videos that Lazarus could not have seen Dunn with the Oath Keepers as he claimed during his testimony.

According to Baker, the CCTV footage reveals that Lazarus was actually in another building located a quarter of a mile away at that particular time.

Furthermore, Baker highlights that the recently released videos showing Lazarus’ whereabouts were never made available to the defense attorneys representing the Oath Keepers during the trial.

“This should rock the Capitol Police,” Baker said in Monday’s BlazeTV video. “We received messages from our sources at the [Department of Justice] in Washington that they were ‘terrified’ of this story.”

Baker obtained a screenshot of an internal email that he claimed was circulated among Capitol Police leaders.

According to Baker, they expressed concern about the growing attention the story was receiving.

The email’s closing statement stated, “We should monitor this situation to see if it develops further.”

In response, Baker pointed out that it is intriguing that Capitol Police appear more focused on the traction their story is getting rather than addressing the falsehoods presented by their special agent during the Oath Keepers’ trial.

When Blaze News requested comment on the recently released Capitol CCTV videos featuring Lazarus, Capitol Police did not immediately respond.

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