LISTEN: MSNBC Claims There is a Recording of Trump Saying He ‘Lost’ the 2020 Election, That’s a LIE

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MSNBC aired a recording of President Trump conver

sing with Variety journalist Ramin Setoodeh regarding the 2020 election. MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace asserted that there is previously unreleased audio of Trump acknowledging his defeat in the election.

“Today, in a brand new tape, never heard before, we’re hearing that private admission in the ex-president’s own words – on tape. a remarkable slip of the mask…made during one of his half-dozen interviews with writer Ramin Setoodeh,” Nicolle Wallace said.

However, the audio reveals a strikingly different narrative.

Ramin Setoodeh inquired President Trump about Geraldo Rivera.

President Trump reminisced about the time Geraldo contacted him following the 2020 election.

“[Geraldo] is uh- after I lost the election – I won the election but when they said we lost, he called me up three or four times,” Trump said in the newly released audio.


Ramin Setoodeh has conducted six interviews with Trump since his departure from the White House. Throughout the week, he has been criticizing Trump and raising doubts about his cognitive capabilities. In response to Ramin Setoodeh’s criticisms, Trump’s team has issued a statement.

“Ramin Setoodeh is full of shit. He had nothing but great and glowing things to say during his interviews with President Trump — now, he’s lying in a sad, desperate attempt to sell his trash book,” Trump’s team said on Thursday. “Grifter + Trump Derangement Syndrome = LOSER!” – Trump’s team said on X in response to the attacks.

Trump campaign advisor Steven Cheung said the Trump Camp has “receipts” if Ramin Setoodeh wants to keep playing the recording game.

“We have receipts. If this writer wants to play the recording game, he’ll be embarrassed by the things he said in these interviews,” Trump campaign advisor Steven Cheung said.




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