Liberal Media Spinning Democrats’ Propaganda to Downplay Antifa Terror

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It seems like liberal broadcast networks will do anything to spin the news in favor of Democrats. Take for example their coverage of the Antifa terrorist attack at the construction site of a police and firefighter training center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Rather than call it what it is – domestic terrorism – ABC’s Good Morning America referred to it as “foolishness” while CBS Mornings called the terrorists “demonstrators.”

ABC correspondent Steve Osunsami argued that “only two” of the 23 charged with domestic terrorism were from Georgia, ignoring the fact that the 9/11 hijackers were still terrorists despite not being from the United States.

He then tried to sympathize with the terrorists by claiming they were “fighting to save the woods that the police training center would replace” and “trying to keep police from militarizing.”

CBS correspondent Skyler Henry went even further, laying blame on the construction project for the terrorist attack and playing a soundbite from “community organizers” who decried the project. He touted a supposed “broad coalition” that opposed the project, but neglected to mention that this coalition was made up of left-wing organizations.

In January, a state trooper was shot while authorities were clearing illegal camps on the property and officers returned fire, killing the suspect. But Henry argued that the cops shot at peaceful protesters and falsely stated that “officers claimed the protesters shot at them first.”

It’s no wonder that a staff attorney with the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center was one of those facing domestic terrorism charges; the liberal media has been silent about it.

Democrats are spinning the news to push their own agenda, but the truth is clear: Antifa is engaging in domestic terrorism and the mainstream media won’t tell the truth. They’re too busy pushing liberal propaganda.




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