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Kamala Harris Slams DeSantis: He ‘Doesn’t Understand’ Ukraine War

As the Biden-Harris Administration continues to stumble its way through the hellish presidency, their actions have made it clear that security, both domestically and internationally, is not a priority.

Vice President Harris recently made a late-night appearance on Stephen Colbert’s show, in which she made it clear that she does not align with the views of popular Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis. DeSantis has been vocal about his opposition to the billions of dollars in aid the Biden Administration is sending to Ukraine and has called the conflict there a “territorial dispute”.

Unfortunately, Vice President Harris’ response was anything but diplomatic. She said that DeSantis “doesn’t understand the issues” and went on to criticize him for his lack of understanding of international rules and norms. This is especially concerning considering the fact that the conflict in Ukraine is far from resolved and the US has a vested interest in its outcome.

As if that weren’t enough, Harris then used the opportunity to discuss her pro-choice stance on abortion, calling anti-abortion laws “inhumane”. Harris is completely disregarding the fact that the majority of Americans still oppose the taking of life in the womb, and instead focusing on trying to appeal to the Democratic base.

It’s clear that the Biden-Harris Administration is more focused on pandering to the Democratic base and pushing their liberal agenda, rather than focusing on security issues. Their lack of diplomatic tact is especially concerning when it comes to foreign affairs. The US needs to take a firm stance on international issues and must be able to establish and maintain relationships with foreign leaders.

The GOP has been much more successful in this regard, with Governor Ron DeSantis being a prime example. DeSantis has been vocal about his opposition to the US sending billions in aid to Ukraine and has called the conflict there a “territorial dispute”.

He understands the importance of maintaining a strong stance on foreign affairs and is doing his part to ensure that US interests are prioritized and protected.

The Biden-Harris Administration needs to take a page out of the GOP’s book and take a more measured and diplomatic approach to foreign affairs. They must understand that security, both domestically and internationally, is of the utmost importance and that the US must take a firm stance on international issues. Otherwise, their lack of security could put the nation in a difficult and dangerous situation.



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    March 19, 2023 at 2:58 am

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