House China Committee First Hearing Kicked Off In Chaos, Activists Escorted Out

Yesterday, the House China Select Committee held its first hearing, only to find that it was disrupted by anti-war protestors affiliated with the radical leftist group, Code Pink. The protesters were holding signs that read “China is not our enemy” and “Stop Asian hate”, and one of them even yelled at committee members, before being escorted out by Capitol Police.

This incident reveals the true agenda of the Code Pink activists, who have been pushing an anti-war message for years. But it also reveals something deeper and more concerning: the pro-China liberals who are willing to disrupt a congressional hearing just to push their agenda.

This incident is indicative of the left’s dangerous embrace of China. For years, they’ve been defending the Chinese Communist Party and its human rights abuses, while simultaneously attacking the Trump administration’s policies on China. The left’s defense of the CCP means they’re willing to ignore the facts and the truth, and instead spread propaganda and lies.

Former National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster spoke up during the hearing, noting that the protesters were likely part of a Chinese effort to spread self-loathing in academia. He’s absolutely right – and it’s time for the left to wake up and recognize the truth about China.

It’s time for the left to recognize that the Chinese Communist Party is not our friend. They have a long history of human rights abuses, censorship, and repression, and they are actively working to undermine the U.S. and our allies. It’s time for the left to recognize that the Trump administration has been right all along about China, and that their policies are the only ones that will make the U.S. safe from the CCP’s influence.

It’s time for the left to recognize that disrupting a congressional hearing is not only inappropriate – it’s dangerous. The left must recognize that their agenda is not only wrong, but it puts us all in danger.

It’s time for the GOP to take a stand against pro-China liberals, and to stand up for the truth. We must push back against the lies and propaganda spread by the Chinese Communist Party and their allies, and we must ensure that our government is taking the right steps to protect us all.