‘The View’ Blames Trump For Lab Leak Deniers

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The cast of ABC’s The View has always been one of the loudest voices in liberal media, and recently they’ve been focused on one thing: blaming former President Donald Trump for their own hostility to the lab leak theory of COVID-19’s origin.

The View recently admitted that the Department of Energy, the FBI, and other evidence points to the virology lab in Wuhan, China as the origin for the virus. However, instead of accepting this as the truth, they found fault with President Trump and blamed him for liberal hostility to the lab leak theory.

The show opened with a clip of comedian Jon Stewart, who was calling out the left for calling him “racist” and “alt-right” because he mentioned the lab as a possible origin of the virus. But Whoopi Goldberg refused to accept the lab leak theory and instead, blamed Trump for the hostility liberals have had towards it.

Goldberg claimed that Trump was responsible for the hostility because he “made it about Asian people.” She went on to say that if the former President hadn’t attributed the origin of the virus to all Asian people, then “it probably would have been listened to a lot differently.”

Sunny Hostin, another co-host of the show, admitted that physicians in her family believe COVID came from a lab. She even noted that friends living in China at the time told her that the rumor was it came from the lab. But what did Hostin blame for her personal aversion to the lab leak theory? Trump. She claimed that if he hadn’t started calling it the “China virus” then she wouldn’t have been so concerned about mentioning the lab as a possible origin.

Sara Haines chimed in with some both-sides-ism and said that when people were debating the origin of the virus, there was an “ignorance” from both sides. She basically encouraged everyone to bury the hatchet and listen to those who were opposed to strangling COVID protocols.

Meanwhile, as they were having this conversation about being open and honest about the facts, The View was making their entire studio audience and staff wear masks. It’s pretty clear that the show is more concerned with making sure their liberal ideals are protected than actually being honest and factual.


It’s no surprise that The View is obsessed with blaming President Trump for their own liberal hostility to the lab leak theory. The show has always been a platform for liberal talking points, and it’s no different now. Instead of accepting the reality that it’s likely that the virus came from a lab, they’re trying to deflect and shift the blame to Trump.




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