Embalmer’s Video Of Strange White Fibrous Clots Being Removed from Dead Body Raises Questions

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Funeral director and embalmer Richard Hirschman from Alabama gained widespread attention when a video he posted on social media went viral, amassing over 15 million views.

The video showcases Hirschman removing unusual white fibrous clots from the right jugular vein of a deceased individual, with fellow embalmer Nicky King capturing the procedure.

Hirschman, known for his role in the popular documentary “Died Suddenly,” which delves into anomalies observed in deceased individuals post-experimental vaccine roll-out, expressed shock and concern about the discovery in the caption of the video.

“This is a video of me removing one of the strange white fibrous clots, from the right jugular vein. The person who was recording it is Nicky King, who is also an embalmer. I didn’t notice it until I lifted the vessel up. I could feel it inside the vein. I only show this because people still don’t believe it and ask for video evidence. What’s causing this? I can’t say for sure, but I didn’t start seeing this until early 2021. Unfortunately, I still find strange clotting in several bodies that I embalm,” he wrote.


His worries reflect a wider sentiment he expressed in 2022, stressing that the appearance of these unusual clots has been consistently noticed by him since early 2021, irrespective of an individual’s demographic or political leanings.

He highlighted that this phenomenon had not been observed in his two decades of prior practice.

“Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, far left or right, white or black, male or female, rich or poor, this is what I am seeing coming out of the circulatory system during the embalming process since early 2021. In the prior 20 years I don’t recall ever seeing this before.

“Something is causing this problem and I think we should try to figure it out, because I see it quite often now. May God help us,” he wrote.

Hirschman relayed that while initial theories suggested parasites or worms, these have been ruled out by ongoing investigations. The focus is now on proteins that could potentially form before or after death and the mechanisms that cause them to aggregate.

“There are people who are investigating this. Parasites or worms so far have been ruled out. I understand that they often look like worms and Parasites but again I have been told they are not.”

“Getting close. It’s sounds like these are proteins. They are can form before and after death. They are trying to identify the proteins and understand the mechanisms that causes them to bind together.

“I feel helpless because I don’t have the answers and I have friends who I am genuinely concerned about. Once we have a better understanding hopefully we can find solutions to help the people. “

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