Migrants in New York City to Receive Debit Cards Worth up to $10,000

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Reports indicate that immigrants arriving in New York City will now be provided with debit cards valued at up to $10,000, a decision that has been met with criticism.

It is concerning to New York City residents that these foreign individuals being given additional taxpayer dollars, especially when they already receive complimentary accommodations and meals.

The allocation of $10,000 monthly raises questions regarding their financial needs.

The New York Post highlights Mayor Adams’ initiative, which involves an undisclosed bank receiving $50 million for distributing these debit cards to border crossers.

The lack of public announcement by the mayor’s office and failure to address misconceptions about the program have fueled skepticism.

Contrary to initial beliefs, the program’s contract suggests a potential for unchecked spending of taxpayer funds on migrants without verification or oversight.

This open-ended system could lead to misuse of billions of dollars without accountability or transparency.

Total insanity.

This will only encourage more illegal immigration. Who wouldn’t be enticed by ten thousand dollars?




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