Dem’s Disregard for Fiscal Responsibility Exposed in Outrageous NPR Segment

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It’s no secret that NPR is a Democratic-leaning news organization, and their latest segment featuring House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries is more proof. On Friday, NPR Morning Edition anchor Steve Inskeep interviewed Jeffries in an extremely biased and one-sided piece.

Sound familiar?

It should, because Inskeep is notorious for his puffball interviews with President Obama, and this interview was no different.

The primary topic of the interview focused on the Republicans attempting to use their leverage in debt-ceiling negotiations to put any restraint on government spending. The headline from the segment was “Hakeem Jeffries says Democrats won’t pay a ‘ransom note’ to GOP over debt ceiling,” as if Republicans were the ones responsible for the massive national debt.

In the short time Inskeep mentioned the election-denial record of Jeffries, he failed to mention any details about it. It was clear that Jeffries was trying to project a sense of fake-moderation, and Inskeep was more than happy to help.

When Inskeep asked Jeffries what leverage Democrats had to force Republicans off their position in regards to the debt ceiling, Jeffries replied that “our leverage is the debt ceiling has consistently been raised for the last 100 years. And we should not and will not default today.” In other words, Democrats are more than happy to keep spending willy-nilly without any regard for fiscal responsibility.

In the segment, Inskeep also brought up President Obama’s 2011 debt-ceiling compromise where he agreed to some “long-term restraints,” but failed to mention the size of the deficits that resulted.

On top of that, Jeffries proudly declared that “we are not going to pay that ransom note,” which could be interpreted as Democrats being willing to let America “go off the cliff,” despite the fact that Republicans have denied wanting to blow up Social Security or Medicare.


The fact that NPR would feature a segment like this is a testament to their bias. Jeffries was allowed to spout his talking points without any pushback from Inskeep, and yet another sign that the once-fiscally conservative U.S. Chamber of Commerce now endorses big-spending Democrats.

It’s no wonder why people have become so distrustful of the mainstream media. They are so focused on pushing a narrative that they fail to inform the public of both sides of the issue.




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