Dem Tells Blinken To His Face That The Biden Makes The US Look Weak

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The Biden administration has been in office for a few years now and their foreign policy decisions have been under intense scrutiny, for good reason.

Biden’s foreign policies have raised the risk for Americans beyond the disastrous Afghanistan exit. He’s allowed the US to be threatened by foreign counties, like China, and believe me— Our enemies are watching.

The Biden administration’s weak stance on Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank is particularly concerning. Despite repeated warnings from the United States, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has disregarded the agreement not to expand settlements for a period of six months and continues to expand settlements.

This activity has been part of a recent cycle of escalating violence in Israel, which has seen an increase in raids by Israeli defense forces in the West Bank alongside more terror attacks by Palestinians against Jews.

“This was a very official act by the Knesset, just days after the phone call between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Biden,” Democratic Maryland Sen. Chris Van Hollen told Secretary of State Antony Blinken “It seems to me that we look very weak when we continually make statements without any kind of consequence.”

While Van Hollen seems more concerned with how weak the US looks to Isreal, my concern is a little more focused on China.

I admit, it’s nice to see a Democrat finally call the Biden administration out for how the US appears on the world stage, I find it irritating that the biggest threat to the US was not mentioned.

Irritating, but not surprising.

Still, Blinken appeared taken aback by the Democrat as the attack caught him off guard. That was enough to make it all worth it.

The bottom line, we do need strong leadership in the White House and I don’t think this administration has the backbone to be just that. 2024 can’t come soon enough…





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