‘Time Bomb Is Ticking’ on Global Warming: CNN Pushes For More Government Control

CNN chief climate correspondent Bill Weir recently made an outrageous statement when he said, “There’s no such thing as climate alarmism anymore. The time bomb is ticking, but we have the guide on how to defuse the bomb right in our hands.”

So what’s his solution? Full-blown government control.

This kind of rhetoric is not only unfounded and irresponsible, it is also dangerous. The Biden Administration has adopted a doomsday-like attitude towards the climate crisis that is rooted in fear-mongering and hyperbole rather than reality. The latest UN report, which Weir referenced, is just the latest example of this type of alarmism.

“But let me explain the context here. Every year, thousands of peer reviewed papers around the world look at the ice, or the clouds, or the penguins, or every little aspect of our changing planet. The IPCC (United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), these are scientists from 195 countries, have to synthesize all that information, their governments have to approve the language and then they put this report together and give it to lawmakers in time for this next COP that’s coming up in – in the United Arab Emirates.”

This type of language is not only misguided, it is also damaging to the environment. It creates an atmosphere of panic and desperation, which can lead to poor decisions and solutions that do not actually address the root issues of the climate crisis.

President Biden himself is guilty of this kind of alarmism. For instance, he has proposed the Willow oil drilling project in Alaska, which is a Trump era initiative that has been met with eco-activist protests. This kind of action sends a clear message to the public: environmentalism is only important in certain contexts, and that the President is willing to sacrifice the environment in order to make a political statement.


You know what doesn’t make sense? The US has a wealth of clean natural gas but this administration has pushed most of the world towards using Russia’s dirty gas and blocked the vast majority of projects that would have offered energy solutions with the US on the frontline, insuring quality and safety.