Declassified JFK Documents Reveal Swedish Man Predicted JFK’s Assassination Just Weeks Before

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On June 27th, the Biden administration released 1,103 documents related to John F. Kennedy’s assassination in accordance with the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act.

Though they decided to postpone releasing all of the classified documents at once, one document originating from the CIA disclosed that an American from New Jersey named Jay Albrecht had visited the US embassy in Stockholm on November 29th 1963 and discussed a conversation he had with his former girlfriend, Charlotte Aberg, (a Swedish citizen).

During that conversation Karl-Erik Ridderstrale allegedly proclaimed ‘Within two weeks President Kennedy would be assassinated while on a trip among his own people’, JUST SEVEN DAYS before JFK was killed.

Additionally, Albrecht mentioned that Ridderstrale was a “left winger and strong supporter of Fidel Castro.”

Check out the documents!:

Charlotte Aberg subsequently visited the Swedish Embassy and provided a narrative that was largely similar to Albrecht’s, but with some discrepancies in details.

According to Aberg, Ridderstrale had made comments regarding President John F. Kennedy’s assassination approximately 10 days prior, rather than seven as Albrecht had stated.

After relaying this information to an officer at the American Embassy, she was encouraged to apprise Swedish officials of her story. Subsequently, the authorities investigated Ridderstrale, and informed Aberg that he had no recollection of making any statements related to JFK’s death nor did he possess any prior knowledge about it.


Read the entire document here.




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