Documents Reveal Obama-Biden Team Sought to Sabotage Incoming Trump Administration

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Confirmed: The Obama administration actively attempted to sabotage President Donald Trump’s incoming administration in 2016.

Newly released documents, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, provide evidence that members of the Obama Administration targeted individuals such as General Flynn through a process known as unmasking.

The documents are heavily redacted, however, they show clear evidence of wrongdoing and an active effort by the Obama Administration to undermine President Trump before he had even taken office.

Unmasking is a process whereby classified information is revealed to senior government officials on a need-to-know basis and involves revealing the identity of those involved in communications with foreign governments or their agents.

It has been reported that during his tenure as president, Barack Obama granted access to unredacted intelligence data to hundreds of senior government personnel within his own department – which could have allowed them access to sensitive information involving General Flynn and other individuals affiliated with the current administration.

The release of these documents serves as yet further proof of what many people already suspected, that the outgoing President worked tirelessly against the incoming one in order to preserve his legacy and prevent any potential damage from being done by someone who was likely seen as an adversary due to political differences.

It’s disappointing that some politicians put politics ahead of serving their country and its citizens when it should be exactly the opposite way around.

Given this new information about how members of the previous Presidential Administration acted, it will be vital that future administrations take steps to ensure transparency and accountability at all levels so that no similar actions can ever be taken again without consequence.

In addition, those responsible for this unethical behavior should face justice accordingly so that we can move forward together with trust in our leaders once more.

From the Daily Signal:

EXCLUSIVE: Documents Reveal Rush to Target Trump’s National Security Pick in Obama’s Waning Days as President

Heavily redacted documents from the National Security Agency tell at least part of the story of a final-month rush by the outgoing Obama administration to torpedo the incoming presidency of Donald Trump.

The Daily Signal obtained 217 pages of documents from the NSA through a Freedom of Information Act request. The documents reveal that Obama administration officials, from Vice President Joe Biden down to several ambassadors and many officials in the Treasury and Energy departments, gained access to secret information about Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, President-elect Trump’s choice for national security adviser…

Three top Obama administration officials who gained access to the Flynn information are now high-ranking officials in the Biden administration.

Denis McDonough, Obama’s chief of staff for his entire second term, is now secretary of veterans affairs under Biden.

Samantha Power, Obama’s ambassador to the United Nations, made numerous requests for information on Flynn. In the Biden administration, Power is administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development.

And Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, deputy secretary at Obama’s Energy Department, has been Biden’s homeland security adviser since he took office.

The Flynn-related requests from Obama administration officials were all made during late November and December of 2016…

Obama’s ambassador to Italy, John Phillips, also gained access to information about Flynn, as did his top staff.

National security and law enforcement officials in the Obama administration—including FBI Director James Comey, CIA Director John Brennan, and National Intelligence Director James Clapper—might be expected to have access.

According to heavily redacted documents from the National Security Agency obtained by The Daily Signal, there was a coordinated effort by the outgoing Obama administration to “torpedo the incoming presidency of Donald Trump.”




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