CBS Busted Photoshopping Gun Out Of Perp’s Hand

The big story in the news today is the fatal police shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo by a Chicago police officer. Police got a call that someone was shooting a gun and the call resulted in police chasing the teenager who is clearly seen in the body camera footage carrying a gun as he was running through an alley. Some in the mainstream news media want you to believe that he did not have a gun and that the officer involved just shot him for no reason. That is the mentality of many in Fake News today.

The whole reason why we have the “Freedom of the Press” clause in the First Amendment is to allow the news media to print the truth without repercussions from a tyrannical government trying to silence them. Something the Founding Fathers never dreamed of was the overwhelming majority of news media reporters siding with a political party over all else and fabricating news instead of just reporting news to help their party, but here we are in 2021.

CBS News, not for the first time, has outdone itself in dishonesty, manipulating the truth to fit the Democratic Party narrative that cops are needlessly killing people.

The news outlet intentionally edited out the part that shows the gun in the 13-year-old’s hand just before I shot him. How do we know? Because if you watched the real video – which we have below – you see the most crucial part that CBS yanked out. They edited Toledo leftward to keep his gun hand hidden before they panned the screen back to reveal him getting shot. They manufactured a story allegedly with the intent of causing civil unrest. They had to know that what they did could potentially cause riots to break out in Chicago and other cities across the country. Only evil people would do that, folks.


Here’s what really happened.

SOURCE: Twitter screenshot @TeriCBrownUGA

Do you see how Toledo had the gun in his hand 38 milliseconds prior to being shot?

If you just had the CBS video to go by, no matter what your political side of the spectrum, you would be outraged after seeing a kid stop running, and raise his hands only to be shot by a police officer. And you should be just as outraged when you learned that CBS manipulated the video to remove the part where Toledo was stopped in the same spot as the video only the gun in his hand was removed by CBS.

This incident shows what police officers have to go through all the time when they have to make a split-second decision to save their own life or that of someone else’s. This time, the officer had 38 milliseconds to react. There is no formula told people to when dealing with human beings.

Put yourself in the officer’s shoes. He received a call that someone was shooting a gun in the neighborhood. He found the person who fired the gun and chased after him, knowing that at any time the teenager could have fired on him. The cop saw the gun in his hand all the way up to the point where the kid tossed it, with his back turned and out of the view of the officer, and then turned around quickly to face the cop.

Ryan Saavedra took to social media to point out the obvious to anyone paying attention to this case.

“This video is deceptively edited and cuts out the portion of the police officer’s body camera footage that showed that the suspect was holding a gun.”

Here is the full video.

It is clear as day that Toledo had the weapon in his hand until the split second before he turned to face the officer and raise his hands.

Another thing you don’t see in the video edited by CBS News or practically any other outlet is that the officer tried to save the young man’s life. He asked him if he was okay, he asked him where he was shot and tried to find the wound so he could assess the damage. He called for immediate help, and he started CPR on the teenager. CBS edited out all of that from the video. That’s because CBS like a lot of the rest of Fake News do not want you to know what really happened. They have an agenda and that is what the Democrat party wants, which is to crack down on gun ownership. But the problem with that is that law-abiding gun owners will be the only ones who get harmed by such laws. Toledo would still have had a gun, no matter what gun control laws were passed.

Another user shared his outrage as well.

“Regardless of how anyone feels about this shooting. Right or wrong. Justified or not. EVERYONE should be outraged that it was purposefully edited to elicit a desired response from us. If we don’t wake up to what they’re doing, we’re gonna tear ourselves apart. Smarten TF up.”

Steven Boots, another outraged user, got into how he originally fell for what CBS tried to do.

“I was so appalled at this video when I first saw it… then remembered this is CBS and low and behold the video has been edited. The right side of the screen has been narrowed ever since [sic] slightly.. in the unedited Version this man has a gun in his right hand.”

I think it’s time for the American people to demand accountability from news networks that intentionally fake information to manufacture news instead of reporting it. And boycotts and not effective, because the Woke in news don’t really care about ratings. Just looks at CNN. I think when a news outlet is caught this red-handed, they should be suspended from publishing the news. They should be fined heavily and shamed. But in this crazy world in which we live in you wish in one hand, and spit in the other and see which one fills up first.

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☭BS must lose their broadcast license after this betrayal!

Last edited 6 months ago by CharlieSeattle

This was after CBS was CAUGHT editing DeSantis’s video as well. Accusing him of pay for play on the Publix vaccine contract. . Still, have yet to correct, retract or apologize. I hope DeSantis sues. And the officer sues! Same with the narrative being spewed by lamestream on Wright’s story. First thing to remember, any msm story- DO NOT believe it or buy it. We already know they are twisted. Glad more people are waking up. Watch OAN, Newsmax America’s voice and other ‘conservative’ type stations (web stations if not on your cable) for the true Story. Tucker Carlson is spot on FNC. Levin, Judge Jeannine Ingram and a few others. ‘Newspapers NewYork Post, Epoch Times Western Journal. Heck check out Dan Bongino- Rumble, he lays it all out.


Communist Broadcasting News has no credibility and need to be sued by the officer, the city and the state for intentionally inflaming a situation that was already had a traumatic result, IF this story is true.

Mark Gravitte

These so called news outlets have far less credibility than the National Enquirer. I couldn’t give.a rat’s ass if those idiots lost their income and starved to death. You notice I didn’t say job. These idiots aren’t fit to be living in our society.

Dennis Karoleski

Too bad they didn’t show the earlier video of him emptying the Rugar pistol at a car driving by. So a 13 year old boy is out at 2:30 AM with a 21 year old paroled x-con shooting at passing cars before the police show up. He runs but stops as the cop see the gun and throws the pistol around a fence before throwing up his hands in a dark alley and is shot for his trouble. Gang-bangers playing stupid games win stupid prizes.


So instead of being angry at the gang the kid ran with, BLMarxist activists are mad at the cop for protecting the streets, and are taking it out on innocent people in the neighborhood by looting and burning. Makes perfect sense in topsy-turvy world.


FIRST 60 Minutes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,THEN CBS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,WHAT happened to REAL JOURNALISM ???????????????????????

mike dar

Pravda,,,, and a willing political class.


CBS News. The Goebbels press. The new propagandist news. The servant of the socialist agenda. carriers for the big lie. We have reached the tipping point where we believe nothing our press prints or tells us. Reliable communication is lost. How did we get in this position so fast and what are we going to do about it. Without reliable communication a country is lost.


This is why I DO NOT listen to ANY news or media–They only know how to LIE–they should ALL LOSE their rights to be journalists. You are there to REPORT the news NOT LIE about it. Everyone should boycott these stations and then we’ll see how they rate once they don’t have jobs.

Philip Hammersley

Kinda like when ABC aired footage of “Syria” which was actually taken at a KY gun range or NBC cut out part of George Zimmerman’s 911 tape to make it appear as though he was racist.
Don’t believe ANYTHING on a “major” network unless it is verified by a legit source!


This is no different than any other fake new show is doing. They won’t lose their broadcast license, because they are doing the subversive work, of the leftist traitor mumbles biden.

What would get their attention and keep them on a more honest track is being sued by those, who were hurt/damaged their lies, deceptions and slanders.
Look at the Sandman case. I cost these fake news liars money and a public defeat.

They should be sued every time something like this is revealed. Shareholders have little patience when money walks out the door for any reason, much less something that could have been easily avoided.

Mark Gravitte

You play stupid games you win stupid prizes. The officer needs a promotion, a pay raise and two weeks paid leave for a job well done. I would have took the very same action as he did. Good job!


The editing of this video was done with malice so yes, they should be sued big time!


The media is destroying America.


Who owns the media, and what is the ultimate goal of fake news? Not a mystery as to who owns the media.


The 13yr old complied..he had his hands gun in his hand…he must have thrown it on the side of the fence…but he had his hands up…


By time he had his hands up, it was too late. The trigger was already being pulled before the perp moved to put his hand up. The sight of the gun in his hand and the tossing motion of his arm behind his back left the officer with no choice but to shoot as the teen spun around.
The round hit him before the gun he tossed had landed on the ground.

Last edited 6 months ago by Gene
Mark Gravitte

The lame street media are nothing more than a mouth piece for the DemonRAT party. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. We need a Godfrey of Bouillon rebellion and soon, or a Vlad the Impaler scenario. Impale those bitches.


I would think the DOJ would want to investigate the false editing from this loser “news agency” and file fraud and obstruction of justice for all individuals involved in this disgusting FAKE NEWS incident. But this narrative is exactly what the left wing nut cases want…so nothing will be done. This has got to stop, but will not do so until there are consequences for these terrorists.

Mark Gravitte

Corrupt broadcasting suckers.

Mark Gravitte

Trump is right. It’s all fake news. You bastards know what the truth is, but you spout your bullshit and some of these gullible idiots believe you. POS’s!

Jane McMillan

CBS should be sued out of existence along with anyone else who puts out this kind of falsified garbage. I knew the first time i saw this that it was edited. Now that we can see the full story, we know what really happened.
Can you even imagine the feelings of this officer, turning the guy over and seeing how young he was , trying to save this young man’s life, with his back to anyone who might try to kill him in that alley ? Did he in fact even think about his own safety as he called in for emergency medical techs and started CPR ? I doubt it. He was focused on the life of this one person, trying to save him, asking him where he was shot, telling him to stay awake . All the while he was exerting all his strength to do CPR, which is exhausting, after running at full speed down a darkened alley to stop someone who had just been shooting at a carload of people. He didn’t walk away until others arrived to continue life saving measures. You could see from his actions he was upset. The other officer put their flashlight on the gun dropped behind the fence, a split second before the runner turned. It was too late for him to have dropped it. It was too late for him to pretend he had no lethal weapon . It was even too late for the officer to see him drop the gun.
Follow the officers shadow after he sees the dropped weapon behind the fence for the first time. Was he relieved ? Perhaps a little, but he knew what he saw when the guy was running. He knew the guy could stop , turn around, and shoot at him at any time during the foot pursuit.
According to his shadow, the officer walked a short ways, and stood alone until another officer came to offer comfort. My heart broke for this man who probably has kids of his own. He likely already knows that he will never forget this night or what he had to do, or what he had to see.
He sees a place where he can finally sit down, and he does, with his hands dropped and dangling over his knees. He’s looking at the ground perhaps knowing the future danger he and his family will be in from those who will never understand or will purposely twist and edit what really happened. He knows the job he trained so hard for, the job he wanted to do to serve and protect, is likely over. He knows the scrutiny he will go through from the department he cares about and the rabble rousers and politicians who will never have a clue about the risks he takes every day for them. They will throw him under the bus for their own political gain.
But right now, at this moment, he is deeply disturbed that a 13 year old kid is dead and how it never had to happen if he had parents that cared about him.
Dear Officer, may God be with you every moment and carry you through the difficult days to come. May you and your family be protected from harm. May you soon see the light of God at the end of the dark tunnel you may have to travel. We care about you. Amen

Mark Gravitte

Criminal Bullshit Show.

dirk portnoy

We are not allowed to even question our masters. Just bow down and take it.


What do your enemies do to you? They lie to you in order to get you in trouble for something that you didn’t do. This is what the liberal biased media does all the time to the American people. Is it any wonder why most of the American people believe that the liberal biased mainstream media is “The Enemy of the People”?

Journalism no longer exists in the USA, for journalism reports the truth, true facts, and real statistics, and allows the public to form their own opinion on what is being reported, but the media in the USA today tries to indoctrinate the people with lies and false propaganda, in order to get the public to accept their political policies and agenda, that promote socialism and communism, and none of that is journalism.


Didn’t CBS also use footage from a hospital in France and try to pass it off as a hospital, totally over-run with sick CoViD patients, in NY?
CBS “news” need to lose it’s broadcasting license. They truly are the enemy of the People.

Melissa R Lee

Jacob Blake: police are dispatched to a call from a woman who says she has been sexually assaulted and the man is stealing her vehicle, the officers arrive, he does not comply instead he goes for a knife, why would you do this in front of your child?
Breonna Taylor: her boyfriend opened fire at the police, he is to blame for her death, had he of complied no shoots would have been fired.
Durant Wright: officers are alerted that there is an open warrant, charges include unlawful possession of a firearm, he runs back to car, officers don’t know if he has a gun, there is an extreme possibility he does.
Officers have a split second to make that decision, “FEAR FOR THEIR LIFE AND OR THE LIVES OF OTHERS”

Liberty One News
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