Maxine Waters Calls For War If Officer Chauvin Doesn’t Fry

When the riots in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota break out after the decision in the Derek Chauvin trial, Maxine Waters must be arrested for inciting to riot. She recently travelled to the suburb of Minneapolis where she led protesters in violating the curfew and she told them that they need to get more confrontational if Chauvin is found innocent. She is trying to influence the jury which I believe is also illegal since she is a member of congress.

Our laws say a person is innocent until they are found guilty by a jury of their peers. But Waters is saying the only verdict the jury can make is guilty no matter what the evidence shows. She is telling the jury that if they find Chauvin innocent, they will be the cause of massive riots. They are already rioting there and by telling them to become more confrontational, she is endorsing even more violence. That is a felony.

If the feds are investigating President Trump who told his followers to march peacefully for inciting to riot then how can you not prosecute someone who tells rioters they need to be more confrontational, must be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This country has seen much violence in the last year or so and Democrats have brushed it off as peaceful protests even though over 700 police officers have been injured and $2 billion in property damages occurred.

From The Gateway Pundit

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“We’ve got to stay in the streets, and we’ve got to demand justice,” Waters told the militant leftists.

“We’re looking for a guilty verdict,” the representative added, speaking of Chauvin.

“And if we don’t, we cannot go away,” she added. “We’ve got to get more confrontational.”

When asked about the fact that she was breaking curfew, she said “I don’t know what curfew means.”

“A curfew means that ‘I want y’all to stop talking,’” she said, adding, “I don’t agree with it.”

The extremist politician urged people to continuing protesting, violating the curfew.

“I came here for one reason, just to be here, to make sure that I let my thoughts be heard among all of those who have spent so much time on the streets. And so I’m hopeful that the protests will continue.”

This is not the first time Waters has tried to incite people to violence. Right after two conservatives were mobbed by domestic terrorists , Waters said:

“If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

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Joy Morris

What a good example of her having no brains. I say bring it on Maxine.

alicia regina cervera

One of the most hateful demonc rats in the country. Inciting violence, wheres kamaleon, wheres jo? Arent they supposed to keep citizens protected? Wheres the UNITY he promised?




Shoot slow Joe and Harris are in his basement


Put her in jail where she belongs…she encouraged people to attack trump supporters and now she is intimidating a jury and threatening local businesses and the police. She won t have to worry about being sexually assaulted in jail because none of the guards or other prisoners are legally blind!


Right you are. Almost have to pity her for having such an ugly face.


Maxine, please start a war, it will make it easier to take our country back.


Between JOE China , Knee Pads , Bass Mouth , Peloski , A hmmm there will probably be a WORLD WAR III coming.Soon.


Lock and Load!


Ha! I’d like to see them try to fight real patriots 😎


They’d Only end up Pulling Up They’re Pants and running for the SWAMP !


She is a criminal and belongs in jail. She is promoting the standard “Left” agenda of violence and attack the police for doing their job, unless the police are enforcing the “Left” dictatorship. Anyone who has taken the time to learn the facts knows Derek Chauvin did not commit any crime, nor cause Mr Floyd’s death. Mr Floyd was being questioned for using counterfeit money, consumed an illegal drug that is known to cause death to avoid being found with it, resisted being arrested which required the police to have drag him from his vehicle. They then used a standard procedure to keep him under control which the autopsies show did not cause any harm to him.

Mr Floyd effectively committed suicide due to a drug overdose. But because Mr Floyd was Black they want to excuse his behavior. If Mr Floyd was White and Derek Chauvin Black everyone would be supporting Derek Chauvin for doing his job and enforcing the law. Look at what the “Left” has done to the Black Communities for over 100 years, the choices Blacks have made since the late 1960s, and the consequences of those actions.

The consider, what we are seeing is similar to the Eric Garner case. A man knowing he was engaging in actions that will get him arrested, he was on probation for doing the same offense of New York City law numerous times. He then resists the arrest causing himself a heart attack due to his obesity and bad health.

Notice, how everyone of these type of events is rooted in bad behavior and those on the “Left” scream everything from racism to Police brutality to avoid holding the guilty responsible. People better wake up and look at what the “Left” is working to accomplish. They should look at what the Communist, Fascist, Socialist, and even Monarchies, have done to establish dictatorial power over people, especially if you value real freedom and the ability to make real choices.


Inciting to riot is a felony and she should be brought up on charges before this occurs.


Never happen because she is a radical dem.


Someone should silence this Ugly woman….

mike grunewald

for good and her whole fuckin clan


Put a MIDDLE FINGER between her EYE’S.

Miriam Leeder

How can a woman like her keep being reelected?.She is a big mouthed trouble maker who incites riots wherever she goes. She told people to disrupt diners who were trump supporters. Why isn’t she being charged with a crime?


Look at her district and Pelosi’s district – they DO NOT live in their districts!!!!!And they surely do not represent their constituents!!!! I think if you hold a seat in Congress you should have to live in the district you represent – how else will you know and represent the needs of your district.


But PELOSKI may live in CESSPOOL CITY, CA. BUT BASS MOUTH WATER’S may have House in CESSPOOL CITY , CA. BUT lives in D.C.


None of these people are being re-elected, because, there is automatic machine voting keeping these people in office. If any one thinks their vote is ever counted, if you are a Conservative, you are WRONG. You saw what happened in the 2020 election. Total fraud & it has been proven over & over again. Voting is now an illusion, because, our votes don’t count, unless they are Democrat. When are people ever going to realize, there is ZERO punishment for Blacks. They are now considered ANGELS of crime & that doesn’t merit any punishment. I’ve been reading on posts that if the burning continues, these burners may go home to find their homes burned. OMG!! Never in my lifetime would I have believed that I would see our beautiful USA destroyed in such a shameful manner, while the entire world watches & laughs at the most wonderful country on earth. This internal violence from blacks, leaves the back door wide open for our foreign enemies to walk right in & destroy us, because, no one is monitoring the gates of our country. These same burners will hate the day they decided to burn down our country, because, they’ve seen nothing like what Russia & China will do to them. They will be laying in the streets, screaming for mercy as they die by the hands of these countries, who spare no one. These blacks think they are so brave, but, KARMA comes at a big price.


She pays for ALL her Votes Legal or Illegal. She’s a CORRUPT POLICITION !


After what we have witnessed and the number of law suits filed, you don’t really need to ask how she keeps getting elected.

Uniform Positive Photo & Finger Print ID is needed. Along with the same for Non-Citizens.
No ID, no work and those that hire them get jail time.

Then forget about the number of members of the Supreme Court and their ages.

Get to the root of all of these problems and no more Career Politicians at any level Term limits for all right down to the Dog Catchers.

Steve Moore

All I want to know is whose big league catchers MIT did she use for a face? They don’t want it back in sure…blaaahaahaha


A very very old catchers mitt.

John Kirkland
alicia regina cervera

Why doesnt she get out with the BLM crowd on the streets? Maybe they will take her for a white supremacst !


you can bet your butt if there is a riot over what she said her black ass will be a thousand miles away while its going on, she is the biggest racist instigator there is, and butt ugly to boot


And there will be NO investigation into her inciting riots and looting.

mike grunewald

the FBI are a bunch of Fags ball less suits


And no investigation or action taken against those that disrupt, destroy, injure, kill, burn, and loot.

They are all peaceful demonstrators exercising their Democratic Party given rights to violate everyone else’s rights, under the guise of Equality.


Only if the Liberetarded Pig is out in front so I can level her lying ass. But she will be hiding under her desk.


Or in the Nearest SWAMP.

Michael Maston

This witch is gonna have a lot of blood on her hands…innocent blood, if she gets her way.
If this situation devolves into a full-blown blood bath…she and her followers should absolute be held responsible and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law, to include Capital Punishment if deemed necessary.


She has already got BLOOD on her Hands. She’s a CORRUPT POLICITION !

Lance Charles Sr

Wow! This is not the first time Waters has tried to incite people to violence. Right after two conservatives were mobbed by domestic terrorists , Waters said:
“If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”


She’s No more than a CHEAP CORRUPT THUG. She needs to be CHARGED and IMPRISONED.


How about GITMO.


How is Maxine Waters still sucking air?




She needs to removed from office IMMEDIATELY!!!!! She is inciting violence she is NOT representing her office or the American people. There will be violence in the streets regardless of the verdict. They are poised and ready to riot and loot. There will great violence and a lot will be against police officers.


But if they are ALL ACQUITTED there will be still be RIOTS , LOOTING , BURNINGS
nd KILLINGS. ALL in Favor of the Deplorable Democratic Socialist Party.


Compare what she actually said which was confrontation to that President Trump said at his rally. Not a whit of comparison yet there is no condemnation of her anarchist remarks.


Because She’s a Deplorable DEMOCRAT of the Democratic Socialist Party. And they don’t give a RATS AS S what happens to you !

Mark Gravitte

What a useless scummy piece of shit. This is the only job that she can do. A useless politician. I would hate to be as stupid and senile as she is. Be careful what you say, folks are listening. POS. Bye Felicia.

ekim roberts

Maxines actions and rants are nothing short of DIGUSTING and she should be brought up on charges IMMEDIATELY IF SHE DOESN”T RETRACT her ridiculous stand before the sun sets another day ! IF HER FOLLOWING brings any revolutionary acts OR causes any damage to property OR personal health of citizens of this country, SHE should be the first to be incarcerated and tried as an ENEMY COMBATANT and a TRAITORIST ACT ! SEND HER TO GITMO !


She’s a nasty hag that’s been demonstrating against conservatives for years. She has been charged with funneling election funds to her daughter but the courts didn’t call her on it and like every Democrat, they never get prosecuted. She’s a crook living in a million dollar mansion outside of her district who never does anything for her constitutions but gets voted in every time because she’s black. Now that more black citizens are realizing there is no benefit to being a democrat they might shop around for a fairer deal than the democrats are giving them. Organizing that black vote might get them some better schools in their neighborhoods. There are some pretty savvy black leaders in the Republican party right now.

Mark Gravitte

The great thing is that the old bitch only has so many heartbeats just like me. I am not going to burn in hell, but she’s headed there at Mach 3. Burn baby burn. Loser!


Would somebody please sew her mouth shut permanently


Maxine Waters is such an embarrassing example of what the worst of our “representatives” represent. Truly amongst the poorest choice for re-election, in office for much too long.


if Chauvin is acquitted, they’ll riot out of anger. if he’s found guilty, they’ll riot out of joy.

mike grunewald

when is the FBI arrest this fuc ing nigga


I hope REAL REAL Soon. And We The People in their right Minds will see the Ever Lasting Light and Vote this PARASTIE Out of Office in 2022.

Susan M Pickett

Screw that witch.


The DNC/CIA/FBI Mafia protects Mad Max and the Deep State Communist Coup.

The Iceman

She is uglier on the inside than outside. I’d rather die than have to wake every morning and see that ugly face staring at me. One mean, old, ugly, hate-filled woman. Who in their right mind would vote for her. I know, racist.


The Only One that needs to FRY is MAD MAX BASS MOUTH MAXINE WA WA WATER’S. She’s the One and Only Instagater of a PROTESTS , RIOTS , BURNINGS ,
and LOTTINGS. She a # 1 SWAMP RAT. 🐭🐭🐭🐭🐭 !

Delores Neidenberger

I was born and raised a yellow dog Democrat. Left the party after Chappaqudic(sp) since instead of putting that drunken coward in prison where he belonged they still wanted to nominate him for the presidency. Could not tolerate the double standard any longer. But today I am ashamed ASHAMED! Of ever belonging to that party. I cannot understand how lawyers in particular can stay with them. Have that in my family.


Nothing will happen to her because she a black women she wants a war ok bring it.


What a double standard. President Trump was impeached for January 6th with no substantiation while Mad Max faces no accountability for her incendiary remarks. Disgusting!

Mark Gravitte

The old bitch has done nothing but leech off the government. All she knows is fried chicken, watermelon and kool-aid. How the hell did she get to her position? Oh, that’s right she’s black and useless. Federal Consent Decree. Back to the cotton fields you go racist waters. POS!




Hard to imagine an elected official can get away with this kind of nonsense. No wonder she’s been voted the most corrupt politician in America on more than one occasion.


Time for this RACIST B*TCH to be brought down!!! By any means necessary!!!

gene smith

These Morons are doing a great job of seeing Chauvin freed.

Don Baker

Bring your war on you lying Marxist anti American traitor. You may be suprised at the lethal outcome for garbage like youl

Dave C

A face like that deserves 7 years of bad luck.


Let’s FRY you instead Miz Waters!!!

Lucille M Lamothe

She’s the most disgusting race-baiting Ignorant Gorilla-faced POS. in congress

Ray Copeland

You talking about something ugly, this brain-dead thing has caused me to go blind.

Paul Lamothe

This Bitch is in need of a dirt nap!

Ray Copeland

I would like to know who left the zoo cage door open and let this thing out???


This old hag needs to be put in an orange jumpsuit and spend the rest of her ugly life in prison!! What an unmitigated POS!


Maxine Waters. Get out of Minnesota and stay out. You and Nancy Pelosi are both old and mentally deficient!


Hand cuff and put her in jail encouraging riots and burning and no respect for the law. PUT HER IN JAIL!!!


And yet she IS telling people to riot, burn, murder which Trump did NOT do. Will Joe Biden’s A.G. file charges, LOL!


DisBytch should be arrested!

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