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Report: Zuckerberg Shut Down Pro-Trump Facebook Employee Group

Facebook reportedly shut down an internal chat room which evolved into a forum for anonymous Facebook employees to discuss their support of President Donald Trump.

Report: Zuckerberg Shut Down Pro-Trump Facebook Employee Group

Mark Zuckerberg shut down a Trump supporting anonymous group that originally began as a chat room for employees to express their concerns and opinions of the company.

Does this mean that Facebook is anti-Trump? No waaayyyy… If you can’t sense my sarcasm just leave this blog now, please. Zuckerberg is so anti-Trump that he’s making it harder and harder for conservative republican blogs like us, to even show up on your timeline.

Have you noticed the dwindling number of conservative posts like this since the election? You can thank Zuckerberg for that.

Now, the extreme left wing Facebook CEO has reached an all time low– he has now reportedly shut down a Trump supporting group inside of his own company.

Check it out:

Zuckerberg shut down Trump

Breitbart| Business Insider reports that Facebook has shut down an anonymous online discussion group called “Facebook Anon” that was created in May of 2105 and was intended to be used by employees to anonymously express their concerns and opinions about the Facebook company.

However, over the course of the 2016 election, this anonymous group reportedly became a hub for political discussion and comments, which reportedly alarmed Facebook management. By December of 2016, the anonymous

group was shut down with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claiming that the group had been “spreading harassment.”

The anonymous group reportedly became a key place of discussion for right-leaning Facebook employees, perhaps because they felt that they could express their conservative views more openly in an anonymous forum. It was reported that a poster advertising the group on Facebook’s campus stated, “Trump Supporters Welcome,” a sentiment that is typically out of place in Silicon Valley.

Many observers have drawn comparisons between Facebook’s shut down of one of the few conservative leaning groups for employees and the firing of former Google engineer James Damore who was let go from his position at Google for criticizing the company’s PC culture.

And this dude wants to run against president Trump?? He obviously doesn’t believe in freedom of speech… This is just a prime example what a president Mark Zuckerberg would look like…Yikes!

You may be able to stop conservative republicans from communicating on your LIBERAL site Mark, but you should drill this into your head… A vote is the most powerful tool in America and you will NEVER be able to take that away from us! Trump 2020!




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