A Kentucky family received a visit from the CHildren and Family Services (CPS) after a 6-year-old ran in a marathon with his parents. The details are pretty crazy

Kami and Ben Crawford, whose son, Rainier, ran in the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati with his entire family, was visited by CPS at the family’s home in Bellevue, Kentucky, according to an Instagram post made by the family on Monday.

“On Friday, social workers came to our house and interviewed our children because leaders in the running community are calling running with children wrong,” the post says. It then shows a picture of Rainier seated at a table outside the family’s home supposedly speaking with one of the CPS workers.

“This needs to stop,” the Crawfords wrote in the caption to their Instagram post. “Our children are having emotional breakdowns, NOT from running, but from a mob that has been weaponized by [running’s] most accomplished and celebrated individuals. They are stating that children running is abusive and not providing any data or facts. The reports and stance are false. Hundreds of witnesses including police officers and hours of video footage corroborate. When will you apologize and retract?”

The family also noted that Rainier “adamantly decided that he wanted to run a marathon.”

Olympic long-distance runner Kara Goucher condemned the parents for allowing Rainier to run in the 26.2 mile race.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but a six year old cannot fathom what a marathon will do to them physically,” Goucher wrote on May 4. “A six year old does not understand what embracing misery is. A six year who is ‘struggling physically’ does not realize they have the right to stop and should.”

“I’m not questioning motivation or saying it is bad parenting. But as an Olympic athlete, I promise you this is not good for the child. Children are children. Let them run around, but as the parent you need to protect their growing bodies and their young minds,” she added.

The Crawfords responded to the controversy in another Instagram post last week. “On May 1 our family of 8 finished an entire 26.2 mile marathon,” the family wrote in the caption of the post, which showed Ben Crawford, Kami Crawford, and their 6 children crossing the finish line together.

“This is the first marathon our entire family has run together. Our 5 older kids waited for over an hour at mile 25 and after 8 hours and 35 minutes we all crossed the finish line together. After 2 days celebrating with friends, how we spent our day has got a lot of attention from some who are accusing us of being irresponsible and even abusive,” the post noted.

The Crawfords wrote that they “have never forced any of [their] children to run a marathon” and “cannot even imagine that as feasible practically or emotionally.”

26.2 miles does sound crazy until you find out how long it took the family to make it. At eight and a half hours they were walking the race, not competitively running.

What do you all think? Should CPS be involved? I’m not convinced there is a case here but I want to hear what you have to say.

Erica Carlin

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As a 6 year old child, I loved running. Ran every day. My legs were strong and I learned to breathe properly. As a teenager, I’d do a running jump from one curb to the other on small streets. It was exhilarating. As a senior today, I’m still as healthy as I was all my life. And that’s because CPS at that time was not weaponized with unconstitutional power or corrupt.


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Any unsubstantiated complaint by anyone with their own problems & fears can call CPS & ruin a family.  CPS should “protect” children who are really suffering child abuse, which can be seen, not assumed.


If someone comes to your door claiming “I am from the Government, and I am here to help you” Shoot them!


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Bill, I think you are gettin it! right on


I have a family with 3 boys livin across the street from me. Their mom and dad do, and sell drugs for a living… CPS does not care, the Count Sheriffs look the other way. The dumbasses have been livin that way for over 5 years. CPS sits with their thumb in their ass. ALL GOVERNMENT AND ANYTHING ASSOCIATED TO IT, GOOD OR BAD… IS CORRUPT!! The devil owns it… and it’s only a matter of time before he will own you… unless you truly repent!


FACEBOOK won’t allow me to share this.


now you know where Full and complete corruption is. Are you smart enough to leave Facebook forever? If not, YOU are theither the problem, or a part of it. Leave Facebook and you win… we all do!


shame, shame , shame on this family, what were they thinking when they had a family outing!
commie democrats should be lining the streets casting stones on family outings!

True American

I don’t understand…MSM shows Democrats screaming in the streets for the right to kill their babies then the next day, they are screaming about child abuse… could it be that democrats are a bit confused.. [that could explain them voting for a hair sniffer president]


Shows Liberals getting more stupid each day. There is no rationale anymore.


The liberals are showing what they are made of… and it’s ALL showin, that’s how ya know the devil is in control. However, satan and his followers cannot bear fruit. Yes the devil is sterile… lmao Even in hell, God and his followers still have the AUTHORITY over this excrement called satan! lololol


believe it or not all this bs is coming from the Freemasons who on the outside look great. But when you get to the 33rd level of this SECRET SOCIETY, you have Killed another human and you will have drank human blood out of a human skull… ask Trump! Another thing, by that point you have given your soul to the devil! Freemasons, formed Christianity, Mormon, Catholic all formed by Arrius Piso(pen name Josephus Flavius), the very first Freemason. He also created the first Bank ever called the Vatican… and he was the 1st Pope, St. Peter. Pliny the Unger was the second Pope, St Peter. They also co-wrote the New Testament along with Piso’s son Justus. Most of our Presidents and writers of the Constitution were Freemasons. Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in hell on earth, ever heard of Babylon? If you live in the US, you are in Babylon. It was designed by Freemasons, who serve the devil. Still feelin good about this country? There is one saviour, Jaheshua and I would suggest that you repent. If you don’t, you don’t have to worry about goin to hell, you’re already there!!! REPENT and be saved!

Bruce D Wood

It is uncreditable. There are so many cases of child abuse out there and they pic on this family for having a fun time with their family. The 8 and1/2 hrs. it took them to complete it is more like walking than running.


any reasonable thinking person would know that at 8 or more they were not running. you can run for that time and only do the course even an old woman ran the marathon I think it was Londen and she finished well in advance of this time, this is someone who doesn’t like the parents who complained cps is there to protect children they always seem to pick the wrong cases this is not going anywhere the olympian athlete should know better to get the fact first whoever she is. Is stupid. any court will through this out if it got that far no judge would do anything else unless they were or democrats because as everybody who has common sense can see dems are just plain stupid all the time they cant help it


I have noticed a trend amongst Olympic athletes tending strongly towards the “arrogantly stupid”. A growing trend sadly.


throw em in the can for making a false statement, then prosecute to the fullest. That would be a crime against humanity and I believe that calls for a hangin, a shot or firing squad. Nothin more, nothin less..


Apparently, CPS again did not get all the facts and indeed walking in a race does not make a problem for the 6-year-old and I’m sure the parent took breaks as needed for the little guy. People who think they can just put their nose into something that is none of their business are just jerks.


CPS got the heart and soul of the devil and they came by it naturally thru our not so wonderful demonic Freemasons

John W.

The so-called female “Olympic” runner should be kicked off of any U.S. Olympic team. This is another example of some busy body Dem communist poking their nose where it doesn’t belong.


there is not one queer that has a good soul or is of good character or loves Jaheshua. They will always be wanting, and lacking… they will NEVER bear good fruit!


Question to hypocrite dumocrats-a 6 yr old can’t run/walk in a marathon but can change their sex??????

Florida Boy

Goucher, obviously you know nothing, or very little about children, and their ways, and needs. Go back and bury your face in your fellow “Olympic Idiots” lap where you will not gain any knowledge, but at least you will shut up, and stop showing what brain dead “Olympic Athletes”know absolutely nothing about.


More dump people. Why would running with children be wrong? If the child can keep up and doesn’t have any problems and can keep up and and adults won’t run over him, it should be okay. Dems just want to cause any kind of trouble that they can.


CPS and ALL government is corrupt, are ya al gonna just sit there and allow this? If you do may is say F*ck U for all of us good citizens…


Kara Goucher has a total lack of character. Another liberal who doesn’t have a clue about anything but money and people who have it. For their love of money they will be damned permanantly. Kara Goucher would not be good at anything because she is extremely lacking… if she is a parent may Jaheshua help that child cause the parent will never be worth a shit for anything good!!!

Micky, the Mouse

Government sticking their noses in the wrong end of a mule. Again, a few elites making statements without any facts, pictures, or anything else, shooting off about what’s good, according to them, and what’s not. CPS should be working with real abuse, not imagined based on so little knowledge of the circumstances, without any physician’s recommendation(s), or other trained personnel, then telling those idiots in the media and others, causing harm to the family in question. WHY?? Social workers, are just that, and aren’t trained in everything, some just think they are because what they think and tell a judge goes, and those statements, usually don’t have all the facts in intelligence to make a decision. But CPS in this case sounds like a few nosey uneducated people, with a little power, and really not caring to shoot off their big mouths about nothing. Besides, since things CPS is supposed to be confidential, how did the media and others find out about this???



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