‘You Go First’: Conway Mocks Obsessed People Shouting ‘Move On From Trump’ [Video]

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Former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway warned against Republicans moving on from former President Trump as fallout from the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago continues. Conway joined “America’s Newsroom” Tuesday to discuss Trump’s political influence and the future of the GOP.

Conway mocked the people obsessed with Trump who are also shouting that we all need to move on, “those who want to move on from Trump, you go first.”

She continued, “People are so obsessed with him, they don’t spend a minute learning what the 74 million Trump-Pence voters want in these midterm elections. That’s what I study every single day, but they’re so obsessed with Donald Trump.”

Conway concluded, “anybody who wants the party to move on from Trump. I dare you, go first, and any time the Democrats tell you which Republicans should be your nominee, run in the other direction because they know that they’re fixing to make that person unpalatable.”

The media platforms like MSNBC have proven that they can’t survive losing their cash cow. While, CNN’s new chief is slowly trying to ween the network off of its Trump addiction—Unsuccessfully.

Biden, himself has made an effort to not mention Trump—Also, unsuccessfully.

Still, none of them have picked up on what Trump’s voters want or what they’re concerned with which is just horrible leadership. Even the media, they’re not talking about candidates’ core values just how unlike Trump they are—or the opposite.


Conway brought up one really great point for the politicians saying that it’s time to move on—Their careers have all become about Trump. Whether they’re trying to prove how ‘like’ Trump they are or how different. Many of them lost their way and stopped listening to the voters. The results are evident now with Biden’s expensive bailout plan.




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