‘You Are Bloodthirsty For Ratings’: Trump’s Defense Lawyer Turns The “Gotcha” Moment Around on CBSN

Michael van der Veen is emerging as an American hero who is bold enough to push back on the propaganda that is pumped out from the mainstream media about his client, the impeachment hoax, and how they operate in general.

“What happened at the Capitol during this trial was a disaster and prosecutors in this trial doctored evidence, they did not investigate this case, and when they had to come to the court of this case, in the Senate to ut their case on because they hadn’t done any investigation, they doctored evidence. It was absolutely shocking, and when we discovered it and were able to expose it, it turned a lot of Senators,” Trump’s lawyer told media on Saturday, in a heated exchange.

“Americans should not be putting up with this. They need to look at who these house managers are and look to see if these are the folks they want representing them. It was shocking to me how they behaved.

That is when the fireworks began. Watch van der Veen hammer her about the media and their rush for clickbait

“Trump defense attorney Michael van der Veen speaks with @LanaZak after the Senate’s acquittal vote: “What happened at the Capitol on January 6 is absolutely horrific. But what happened at the Capitol during this trial was not too far away from that,” CBS News reported on the interview between van der Veen and Lana Zak of CBSN.

Van der Veen’s appearance on CBSN quickly went viral on Saturday due to his refreshing and bold defense of American values for the press media, which have not been respected in decades.

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Zac opened the interview with a discussion of Mitch McConnell’s speech after the impeachment hoax was wrapped up with an acquittal.

“McConnell said Trump was still liable for the insurrection, ” Zac said.

“No, that is just political rhetoric, and I was hoping something would come out of this. The political rhetoric needs to stop out of Washington DC. I guess apparently it hasn’t. I am not surprised to hear a politician say anything at all,” Van der Veen said.

Zac attempted to frame the narrative by claiming that van der Veen admitted an insurrection after saying there wasn’t an insurection. She interrupted him numerous times after asking him loaded questions, and he didn’t cave in once.

“You didn’t understand the case. I used the word insurrection in my closing argument when quoting the charging documents.

Zac conveniently ignored the fact that the Democrat house managers omitted the word “peacefully ” in Trump’s speech, as noted by posters on Twitter:

After forcing a vote on witnesses, the House managers humiliated themselves by reversing the vote when they figured out it would not go well for them if they allowed Trump to have the same as if they didn’t understand the law.

The media was obviously playing favorites with the Democrat House Managers, and people noticed.

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And starting to call for the impeachment of US Representatives who faked evidence.


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The case was sure fantasy and emotions:



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