This is just proof that Attorney General is drunk with power and on a mission that he plans to see through at all costs.

Garland signaled that he plans to get Trump no matter what, even if it meant he had to “tear the country apart.”

The comments came during an interview with NBC News’ Lester Holt where Garland did not say he believed Trump was guilty—But if we are all being honest, that is the narrative they all want to spin.

Holt asked Garland if he planned to convict Trump if it meant tearing the country apart.

“Look, we pursue justice without fear or favor,” Garland said. “We intend to hold everyone, anyone who was criminally responsible for the events surrounding January 6, for any attempt to interfere with the lawful transfer of power from one administration to another, accountable, that’s what we do.”

“We intend to hold everyone, anyone who was criminally responsible for the events surrounding January 6, for any attempt to interfere with the lawful transfer of power from one administration to another, accountable, that’s what we do,” he said.

Garland reiterated his response when asked if the DOJ would go forward with the prosecution, even in the event of a Trump 2024 candidacy.

Garland further emphasized what he regarded as the importance of the January 6 Committee, calling it “an important part of democracy.”

“I think that this is an important part that we not downgrade or suppress how important that day was and I think that the hearings did an extremely good job of reminding us and for people who didn’t know in the first place, telling us how important that day was,” he said.

See also  'Only Way Republicans Lose November is if They Start Acting Like Dems': Boebert Blasts Roe Fears

What I find interesting is that no one is talking about how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi openly claimed that there would not be a peaceful transfer of power and that she knew violence would erupt but did absolutely nothing to stop it. It was within her power to send the National Gaurd down to protect the Capitol but she electively chose not to. Why?

Personally, I don’t think Trump knew what was about to unfold on January 6th but I find it very telling that the people who call ‘I told you so’ had the power to stop the events before they ever took place but chose to do nothing.

That’s just my opinion. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Erica Carlin

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Jerry M Newman

The Democrats are very afraid of Trump. They hated him from the start because he is not from the ruling class. They will do anything to keep him out of the WH.

The Rebel

Trump is not a low-life, [email protected]$$ politician.
He is a businessman——————

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The Rebel

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Get a life Billy – take your scam crap somewhere else.


I bet Kamala makes more than that as long as her knees hold out.


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Tim Shep

He was exposing corruption and graft and that is why the DC swamp feared him.


Trump I’m sure is shaking in his shoes over this asshole, he’s power hungry and won’t get any off of Pres Trump, he’s to strong a person and not afaid of this mealy mouse jerk just hungry for power he’ll never have. Go back in your hole where you belong

Tim Shep

They are afraid of him because he was exposing the deep states corruption and graft.


ES&D garland, you POS!

Jennifer Arnold

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Liberty Lin

These are very frightening times-evil is called good and good is called evil. Where have we heard that before? The ones screaming that our “democracy” is in danger are the very ones who have put it in danger. God help us all!

Al Boggs

Liberty Lin, You are so right, The Democratic Congress and the Biden Administration is responsible for what happened on January 6th.

Sandra Lee Smith

Yes, they are; it was criminal entrapment; they broke the laws to make others look like criminals, to those willing to believe their lies!


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Last edited 15 days ago by Prmiegirl
Sandra Lee Smith

Yhwh God warned us. I suspect, at this point, only those already His, or whom He knows will turn in time, may hope for His help, now, & going forward. Judgment has already begun.

George Horvat

Just another A-hole who doesn’t want to honor our Republic by insisting that we are a Democracy. There is a BIG difference!


The Democrats really want a Democracy and not a Republic as was established by our Constitution. In a
Democracy the majority rules and the minority has no say in the ruling. This is the reason we are a Republic not a Democracy. This is demonstrated by the ability of the Minority to limit the power of the Majority. If we had a Democracy, New York and California, due to population, would dictate to the rest of the country. Our country is a Republic not a Democracy, let’s keep it that way!


Well said Dan! Spot on!!!

Thomas Kauffman

Just the vindictiveness you would expect from a crooked democrat. The committee is a sham Schiff is a fruitcake liar and Garland is pissed he didn’t get a position on the supreme court. Lets see what they have to say after November.


America could end up in a civil war after November. The left hate the word defeat.


They already have the machine set for cheating in elections.


Garland is so corrupt that he is the one that should be prosecuted. He knows full well that the committee is not legal and that it shows only one side and a lot of the stuff on that side is made up !! Garland is what most people call crooked cops or prosecutors. He is not very smart either because honest people can see right through his corrupt ways !!


I am so glad he didn’t end up on the Supreme Court.

S. Hellman

He owes his job to Biden and company, enough said.


Garland can go to hell and the sooner thre better. He is a power hungry pos who needs to bre replaced

Sandra Lee Smith

Unless he repents, I believe you may count on that occurring in due course, & repentance seems, at this point, highly unlikely.

G. W

We should see all records and correspondence of Nancy P. before anything is done to Trump. This committee has been a joke!!


Maybe the american people will turn the world upside down to get Garland and the Bidam Clan..It is about time


Don’t count on it.
Does every state require voter ID?
Have all the Dominion machines been scraped?
Has ballot harvesting been banned?
Forget who votes and ask who counts the votes.


The events that happened on Jan 06 were planned by the Pelosi FBI and Capitol police, down to the deaths they need for their agenda to stop senators talking about the corruption in the election

J Sav

How about Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder ????

Sandra Lee Smith

I suspect their pla c es are secured in the Biblical place of eternal punishment as well.


Yes, but I prefer that they truly repent like the Apostle Paul did.
God does not want to see anyone go to hell, but the corrupt Establishment Elite have earned a place there.

Sandra Lee Smith

I agree, fully. But the realist in me sees Pelosi now TWICE ignoring the church she professes to believe in having banned her from taking the eucharist ’til she repents, & taking communion in bad faith, compounding the sin for which it was banned. Does this sound like someone apt to repent to you? Even turning her over to her reprobate mind seems to have had no effect. I’m NOT her judge, only an educated observer, reporting what I observe & it’s likely outcome.

Sonja Nutter

This man is the CRIMINAL. He thinks HE is above the law!

Sandra Lee Smith

They all do; the whole rotten cabal.


“Look, we pursue justice without fear or favor,” Garland said. ”
Well, unless your name is Biden.




I believe the riot on Jan 6 was Pelosi’s Plan and she is the one that needs to be investigated for her non action. I can not prove my comment, but it is her MO.


When you look at Garland you are seeing the absolute end of the Democratic Party.


Look, we pursue justice without fear or favor,” Garland said. ” BIGGEST crock of dung ever.

The Rebel

If the lying [email protected][email protected] meant what he says, Hunter COKEHEAD Bidumb would be in an orange jumpsuit by now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a phony crock of manure—-typical member of the Bidumb and Dumber Circus !!!!

John G Maguhn

Not so fast Mister. Be careful what you wish for.


We, the People will tear the country apart o get Garland for crimes against humanity, for making up crimes that never existed and for hate!

uncle albert

Garland should be indited on conspiracy to commit election fraud just based on this statement !
He’s obviously out for revenge for NOT being confirmed to SCOTUS, and this seems to be a personal vendetta !
He’s even more repulsive than Brandon, Cameltoe & Piglosi combined !

Country Boy



Well Garland is DEMOCRAT that should say all that is required. Democrats do not give a DAMN about who they hurt or what they destroy as long as they get what they want.


Unfortunately, that includes the Democrat voters who should “Wake up and Walk away” like many of us have.


It’s a personal vendetta. This guy should be removed from his position.

Thomas Gerald Reyes

This guy has shown his BIAS and should immediately be fired-NOW.


Fired? They are probably going to give him a raise for being such a good team player.


The Biden team is trying to destroy bring down America as we knew it. They hate Liberty and anything to do with freedom.


Garland wants civil war. He doesn’t know it, but he’s already lost. Ultra MAGA patriots will never stop, no matter who they throw in jail. But go ahead, destroy America, us MAGA patriots will rebuild without the help of leftist liberal democrat terrorists!


Garland is a low life POS and shill for the most corrupt party, the DIMS. They are anti American non humans and should be wiped off the face of the earth.


We have to be forever grateful Garland never made it to the Supreme Court.. He is part of this destructive administration. Tragically we will have to deal with him a short while longer.

Michael Reed

There is no doubt in my mind that Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat conspirators along with rogue elements of the FBI used the event (DC rally) to encourage protestors to breach the capitol building just so Pelosi and the DemoCommies would have an excuse to blame Trump and his supporters for whatever violence occurred.

Michael W Smith

That Communist little bastard talks a big talk.! Just try it you POS, there’s more Trump supporters than you care to believe and you’ll have a fight on your hands like you’ll never examined.!

Sandra Lee Smith

Garland is a bald faced liar! ALL the criminals: murderers (2 Capitol cops), vandals & inciters ( antifa/blm/fbi plants) have been released, uncharged; the people held were unlawfully entrapped, have been denied their rights as citizens, & are being treated as if foreign invaders, while those waltz over our borders with impunity too!
What we have here is a CRIMINAL pretending he knows what justice is, & the proof he was RIGHTLY blocked fromthe SCOTUS!


Garland is just what the commies love to see in America. Actually, look at ALL of those appointments of Joe’s. They’ve all part of some fringe group with low values and a basic lack of experience. Just pick ONE and do some research. Lord help us.

Tim Shep

They should look in the mirror and they will find a lot of guilt.

glenna cox

give up. take care of America. elect Trump get rid of the Biden scum

Contender's Edge

If Merrick Garland is willing to tear the country apart to get Trump, are WE THE PEOPLE willing to tear D.C. apart just to stop him?

S. Hellman

Trump may not have a pleasing personality. And I don’t condone some of his past behavior but he behaved himself while in office. (That is more than can be said for Bill Clinton.) But despite hugh opposition, he did a good job as President. However, many have developed an unreasoning hatred of him. Mostly it seems to be dumocrats who see him as a threat to their goal to fundamentally change America. Personally, I like my freedom & liberty. I don’t want the government controlling every aspect of my life.




Don’t know if he is the biggest crook in government?
There seem to be a lot of Establishment Elites competing for the title.


Garland needs to be put in prison along with all the other corrupt Establishment Elites


If I was Garland I wouldn’t make stupid statements until there is credible evidence Trump did something wrong. . The conflicting testimony about Trump’s actions on that day tells me Mr. Trump did nothing wrong on Jan 6. If everyone testified to the event with similarities I might believe it. But,I heard with my own ears Mr. Trump telling the crowd to go home, drive safely, and be careful. He didn’t tell them to go to the Capital and raise hell. Those so called ‘hearings’ are a sham led by Democrats petrified that Trump might be elected in 2024. The tax and spend Democrats can’t stand knowing Mr. Trump was far and above much better as president than any Democrat in DC and that infuriates them. Can’t wait until those losers are put out in November!


Maybe this traitorous scumbag(Garland)might want to look into the mirror!

kathleen lehane

Garland you are a very little boy! and one big f……POS

Samuel Templeton

This jackscrew needs to be kicked out of his office. If he won’t chase ANTIFA for the burning, looting and assaulting they did; BLM for the assaults and pillaging THEY did; Nancy Pelosi and the rest of Congress for Insider Trading; then Merrick Garland is a biased, reckless, thoughtless pos with no use to the U.S. Judicial System. #FireHim



Last edited 12 days ago by dsgfh

Garland is another spin merchant. When he says “we intend to hold everyone, anyone who was criminally responsible for the events surrounding January 6…”, he is really saying any Republican. The real culprits are scot free even with video evidence. What a farce the DAJ has become.

George Horvat

Curiosity asks this question. Is there not “one” Democrat on this planet that knows that we are “not” a democracy? Why are they all afraid of the word “Republic?” Quite simple! It is a lot easier to metaphorize to Socialism from a Democracy than from a Republic. Be wary. Democrats are a serious threat to our Constitutional Republic.




In my 75 years and 28 AG’s the four worst are Janet Reno, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder and now Garland the worst of those four.


Be very cautious with your words, commie. Some may take your words as a threat and respond in a way that you really won’t enjoy.

Gerald Ladd

They are already tearing the country apart. That’s all demonRATS know how to do, is destroy things.


That’s enough right there to IMPEACH his butt!


Garland says he will “pursue justice without fear or favor.” He should add “by using the law as a weapon.“ He will operate the same way he always has.
When I was stationed in DC in the 1980s, a widower lived in a Maryland suburb with his 19 year old daughter. Around 1 AM, he awoke to his daughter screaming and sounds of furniture crashing. He grabbed his licensed .38 and ran into her room. A drug addict had pried open her second floor window and climbed in., and was slashing at her with a machete. She was standing on her bed, trying to fend him off with a chair. The father told the addict twice to drop the knife. The addict slashed him, so the dad shot him, once. The gun owner immediately called 911 as he bandaged his and his daughters wounds. That same day, local anti-gun politician, Barbara Mikulski (later US Senator) was all over the local tv news, calling the incident a “another senseless handgun murder.” The local DA, Martin O’Malley (in 2016 a Democrat primary presidential hopeful) and his assistant, Merrick Garland, immediately had the dad arrested, charging with several crimes: 1st Degree murder, unlawful use of a firearm resulting in death, etc, etc. Garland and his boss, O’Malley, kept delaying the trial for months, but privately admitted it was to drive up the dad’s legal bills. During those months, Mikulski, O’Malley, and Garland did weekly press conferences, cackling that it was how all gun owners should be treated. At trial, the jury took 45 minutes to acquit the dad of all charges, but he had to sell his house to pay the legal bills.


So much for a fair investigation/trial. This alone should cause this fool to be impeached, if not imprisoned.



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