CNN Newsroom co-host Alisyn Camerota proved that she is totally Ignorant of what steps are involved in purchasing a gun and with no consideration for the merchants, Camerota added in a huff: “is it too much to ask the gun seller to do a cursory check on social media?”

The topic of discussion was the 4th of July parade shooter in Chicago and how he bought his guns in multiple locations. Camerota, a freaking psycho, in my opinion, suggested the government should spy on every gun owner.

Moore had to explain how that idea could break some privacy laws. “Well, the problem is that they’re not really asked to, and they’re not really allowed to, in some ways. They are retail merchants,” he said, seemingly hinting at how unreasonable asking them to troll through social media accounts would be.

He went on to compare what she was demanding with putting the burden on liquor store owners to scrub through social media posts before making a sale. “The gatekeepers are the government, essentially. It is not the retail establishment,” he said.

Camerota replied, “I like that analogy, Steve. Because I used to be a waitress, and for a while, we were told to run up the alcohol tab on people – on customers who came in because you got them to pay more that way. Then the law changed, and you couldn’t serve somebody who you knew had been drinking, because they were killing people on the highway. And so, once you recognize –”

Camerota’s guest tried to correct her analogy but she cut him off before he could correct her. The conversation then jumped to how much intrusion the government should have. Camerota screeched that there should be a database.

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“Well, it would help if there was some kind of database, but also, where’s the law that says you can’t buy, you know, guns in different places? I mean, we need to really sit and think through what we want. What’s the balance?” Ramsey scoffed at Camerota’s idea.

 Ramsey later brought up that it’s the people, not the guns, committing crimes saying “[I]t’s not just the guns, it’s the idiots that use guns to commit crimes. And some of these guys just need to be in jail when they get caught using a gun to commit a crime or carrying a gun illegally.

I mean, I know that’s not popular to say right now, we want to treat everybody with care—”

That caused Camerotta to snap:

CAMEROTA: But wait a minute. Hold on. But hold on, commissioner. Just help us understand that. You’re saying that somebody who uses a gun in the commission of a crime is not going to jail?

RAMSEY: There are some that are being — we’ve got people right now that are out on the street that have got pending cases against them for various gun violations, assaults, things of that nature. I mean, that’s not uncommon. It is not uncommon. Not in every city, but in many cities, that’s what’s going on right now. There’s no question about that.

Ramsey was referring to the catch-and-release laws in liberal cities like New York where, YES, they let violent criminals go free while they await trial.


Unless Camerota is just an absolute idiot, she knows liberal cities are cutting violent criminals loose. To act like this is news to her is just insulting. I think she just doesn’t want to admit that’s what’s happening because it would mean that her Orellington proposal to spy on lawful gun owners would be totally pointless.

Erica Carlin

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Michael W Smith

Finally, 66% of Texas voters wants Texas to become an independent nation and its on the ballot for this November.


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