Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon Signs Voter ID Election Integrity Bill Into Law

On Tuesday, Republican Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon signed a bill into law that now requires state residents to provide identification when they go to cast a ballot in an election.

The bill called HB0075, stipulates that Wyoming voters must show “acceptable identification” when voting in person and that “in-person voters can be challenged for failure to show acceptable identification,” when voting either on Election Day or during early voting.

State Representative Chuck Gray (R) was the primary sponsor of the bill, which nearly two-thirds of the Wyoming legislature co-sponsored.

“Today’s signing of my Voter ID legislation is a victory for the citizens of Wyoming,” Gray said on Tuesday, as reported by the Cowboy State Daily. “It is a necessary function of our Republic to provide our citizens with confidence that our elections are secure, fair, and valid. I am proud that we were able to meet this important milestone for Wyoming.”

Forms of identification that include a valid Wyoming driver’s license, a US passport, a Medicaid or Medicare insurance card, will all be acceptable under the new law.

“You really have every available type of identification to be used in this case, so no one has to feel like there’s an ID they can’t get,” Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Buchanan said during a Senate committee meeting last week. “One of the important things I emphasized early on this was in no way disenfranchising any voters.”

Some people on social media are already saying that hardly anyone lives in Wyoming, so they must all know each other. Idiotic comments aside, voter ID is about more than that.

In every state, dead people and people who moved out of the state remain on voter rolls. Democrats are famous for finding out voter registration information for those people and use it to vote in their name, either in person or by absentee or mail-in voting. That type of voter fraud made up the bulk of voter fraud cases during the 2020 election, at least according to the testimony of whistleblowers and more importantly data experts who analyzed the 2020 voter data.

Queue screaming Democrats.

Every time someone attempts to purge the dead and non-residents from the voter rolls, a screaming Democrat will pop up shouting “VOTER SUPPRESSION!” Democrats know that the more states that have voter ID, the fewer elections they will win.

Wyoming law prior to now has always required people to show proper identification when they go to register to vote, and not when they go to vote in person. Think of how many dead people and non-residents have voted because of that. Not anymore, at least not until Democrats figure out how to scam the system.

HB0075 goes into effect starting on July 1 and it will not apply to absentee voting, so you can bet the farm that absentee voting is what Democrats will switch to in order to cheat in future elections. Remember, give the Democrats an inch and they’ll steal an election.

After the 2020 election, a lot of states are going to be similarly doing election integrity laws just like what happened in Georgia. Georgia received an enormous amount of backlash and it was patently obvious that the Democrats were lying their tails off about voter suppression and claims that the new election integrity laws Georgia passed recently were akin to Jim Crow. Democrat lies about the new law caused Major League Baseball to pull the All-Star Game out of Atlanta with the MLB claiming they did it because after the new election integrity bill was signed into law it was “the best way to demonstrate our values as a sport.” Even though there is nothing racist or suppressive to black people in the new law, the MLB moved the game from a 51% black city and gave it to the 91% white city, Dever, Colorado. The potential of $100 million in revenues for the surrounding Atlanta area would have gone to black-owned businesses, and black communities in Atlanta are now gone because the MLB caved to the Woke Supremacy’s hysterical lies.

I believe the Left went so nuts over the Georgia law just to send a message to other states about what will happen to them if they follow suit. It didn’t work. Wyoming is now a voter ID state and hopefully, many more states will follow.

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Too bad all governors don’t have this courage to tell Congress to stuff it. The Nevada governor does not have the “spine” to call for election integrity, but then he is a boot licking Biden coward, instead of staning for the people, Dems and Republicans, who want a fair election.

Jeffrey M Lyons

Solid news, but unfortunately, Wy isn’t the state that’s problematic

RockyMtn 1776

We Wyoming voters are, for the most part quite proud of being the reddest of the red states. It’s win some lose some with our legislators. Bill SF 67 failed to pass, that would have allowed concealed carry at sporting events and government meetings. Another gun rights bill titled “Second Amendment Preservation Act” would have deemed invalid and federal laws or orders, including any gun taxes, confiscations, transfers or other regulations that did not infringe Wyoming residents ability to bear arms bit the dust. It passed the Senate 24-6 but was changed to the point by the time it got to the House and was never heard. House Bill 116 did pass, out of state residents who carry concealed permits are now good in WY.
For the most part Wyoming still is what America was but it’s becoming a hard fight. Our old law of having a short rope and a tall horse is fading fast but it’s not going down without a fight.


But this may prompt more states to follow. Although I am sure the democrat run states will not – after all the only way they can win is to cheat!!!

gary johnson

about time, a state that stands up for what is right and has the guts to do some thing


Democraps will be screaming RACISM and VOTERS suppression.

Rose Cosentino

Now all states should follow their lead.

Daz Wazlle

“absentee voting is what Democrats will switch to in order to cheat in future elections”
They are already cheating in Wyoming and Florida and other states because no ID is able to be required to request an absentee ballot. The problem seems to stem from their allowing a “voter” to request the ballot be sent to an address other then the official address on the records. Plus anyone can pretend they are someone else and send in a change of address because the form requires no ID. In fact in Florida if you register BY MAIL to vote you show no ID, its just your word, you are who you say and the address is yours! to FIX that they should require a phtocopy of you ID to accompany the change of address request either by mail, or online.
IN ADDITION, in polling places controlled by cheatocrats, the polling workers will vote for all the people who didnt show up, so though there is an ID law it is moot at a cheatocrat site! They will also allow others to come in and will give them someone elses ballot. In past elections Vans of people were followed, going from one polling place to another voting and this is how they did it, even in states with voter ID laws! To stop that would require the Election office to hire an overseer for each voting location for that day, that is of the opposite party to the party manning the polling location. Using Observers doesnt work because they have no authority and are often placed far away from voting reg. tables or even kicked out of voting places. An Election official would have the authority to closely monitor ID verification! There Ive given you all an method to fix this that NO one has thought of or presented and NO state has implemented. It wouldnt cost that much since it would be one days pay and Im sure you would have plenty of volunteers from each party! I would require that these “officials” be approved by each party to insure no one just lately registered in the other party so as to be an “official” let the party vet all applicants..

Brian Eargle

I don’t know how or why this is the case, but wherever I have poll-watched, and in every one of my visits to state election offices, there has always (with one exception) been one rigidly liberal (or seemingly communist) functionary (always of the same race, gender, and political persuasion) who eventually takes over the floor and lays down the law, or her version thereof, and forces her judgment onto the situation. End of criminal complaint; no further presentation of facts in evidence allowed.
I am sure this power (or authority) is not of God. It is not the Holy Spirit, who in my experience does not behave like that, except when the Lord Jesus was cleansing the temple or casting out unclean demons from the spiritual temple of one’s body. Rather, He is patient and kind, not domineering or self-asserting, peaceable and open to entreaty, and never contradicting scriptural order, but often enacting or acting upon scripture in ways contrary to the conventional wisdom or the commonly accepted interpretation, yet always drawing attention to and glorifying (never embarrassing) the Lord Jesus.


WOW, here is a governor with balls and brains, Florida’s governor had signs put up that
show his state “E-Verifies” all job seekers….to the best of my knowledge Missouri is the only state that doesn’t have an immigration problem….they don’t give illegals anything….
Deportation of illegals long overdue, go to the back of the line to apply legally….cancel
any and all citizenship awards to all proven to be in this country illegally when granted
citizenship. Give illegals 30 days to get out, if caught after that 1 year in a labor camp,
if caught in the USA after deportation = 2 years in prison mandatory, get out and take your brats with you….kill DACA, deport them all. Taxpayer dollars should benefit Americans First.

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