Wuhan Lab Eligible to Receive US Taxpayer Funding Through 2024, NIH Confirms

You are all aware of the accusations that Covid-19 was leaked from a research lab in Wuhan China and as it turned out, their animal research project was funded in part indirectly from taxpayer money.

The lab received $600,000 through the nonprofit group EcoHealth Alliance. The Wuhan lab was researching infectious viruses in bats. The Covid-19 pandemic is believed to have been from bats sold at a local market.

It has been speculated that people from the lab were making money from selling their test animals to the markets. But, let me make it clear there is no concrete evidence that is what was happening.

No one knows for sure but it should be investigated by real investigators. The team that recently cleared the lab included Peter Daszak, The president of EcoHealth Alliance. No report has yet to be produced and we are asked to ignore that and to blindly take their word for it.

EcoHealth Alliance’s work researching bat-based coronaviruses in China received a $3.7 million dollar grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in 2014.

They cut off the money to EcoHealth in April of this year although Trump cut off their funding already in 2019. But, they are still eligible for grant money until 2024.

Considering how Biden is bending forward to the communist Chinese regime, releasing grant money is a distinct possibility.

Right after Daszak cleared the Wuhan lab authorities refuted the claim saying a leak from the labs has not been ruled out. It was a severe conflict of interest for the original report and a serious investigation should be held but the Chinese will never allow it. This seems like a cover-up but that is entirely speculation on my part.

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The NIH told EcoHealth Alliance in July it would restore the grant if it met certain conditions, one of which was to arrange for an independent team to investigate the WIV to determine if it had possession of the SARS-COV-2 virus prior to the first known cases in December 2019.

Daszak told NPR that the NIH’s conditions were “preposterous.”

However, the WIV still has an active Foreign Assurance on file with the NIH Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare, which enables it to continue receiving taxpayer funds to engage in animal research, according to the NIH Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare.


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Thomas Harvey

You are sh_ _ _ ing me.

John H.Montgomery

YEP. Everyone getting paid again since Trump cut them off

John H.Montgomery

Nothing new here. Obama funded them directly


He did and fauci facilitated it. The CCP infect the world and we keep giving them money when we are bankrupt. China should be held liable for the damages they have caused. Instead their puppet in the WH keeps giving them money they don’t need. Keep the money for US citizens instead of Biden’s pets. This is why we re-elected Trump.


Just why in the hell are we giving money to China for that lab. We are 27 trillion dollars in debt and Biden want to keep giving them money and maybe they will give some of it back to Hunter Biden for his ignorant self. To stupid to make a decent living, so they all need to steal from the American citizens that are working their asses off just to survive. Wake up and let’s get President Trump back in the White House and vote out and democrats before America goes completely down the drain.

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