WTF… Judge Sends 26-Year-Old Child Molester To Girl’s Juvenile Facility?

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This right here is one for the ‘stranger than fiction’ category. A testament to just how far off the mark we as a society have become. A judge just sent a 26-year-old male to an all-girls juvenile facility after he plead guilty to raping a 10-year-old girl. First off, this creep is only facing 2 years for the crime in question but more importantly—Why would anyone send an adult that’s been convicted of pedophilia to a juvenile facility?

Because after he was arrested, the accused suddenly claimed to be transgender. The judge also defended sending him to juvenile detention, instead of prison, because the convicted sex offender was a few weeks shy of 18 years old at the time of the attack.

James Tubbs, who now goes by Hannah, admitted to raping a 10-year-old girl in the bathroom of Denny’s restaurant 8 years ago. Tubbs reportedly held the child by her throat, locking her in a stall, and forced himself on the child until he was interrupted when someone else entered the restroom.

Thursday a judge decided Tubb’s fate and let me tell you, it was completely without common sense and far from anything that I would consider justice.

Tubbs will “be housed with females in juvenile detention facility for molesting female child,” reported senior editor for Fox News Digital Peter Hasson. “Tubbs began identifying as female after being taken into custody. DA refused to try as adult.”

“In L.A. County, juvenile facilities can house both females and males, but in separate areas. Tubbs will be housed with the females,” a Fox News report elaborated.

Far-left District Attorney George Gascón decided to try Tubbs as a minor, and Tubbs was sentenced to the maximum available sentence of two years.

“Tubbs is 26 years old,” said Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Jon Hatami. “Unlike George Gascon’s false narrative, she is not a ‘kid.’”

“There was evidence presented at the juvenile proceedings which showed that Tubbs sexually assaulted two young girls in different incidents in the past,” Hatami said. “The child victims will suffer lifelong trauma. Tubbs also has prior violent convictions and conduct as an adult.”

“Because of George Gascon’s blanket policy against transferring any juvenile to adult court, even if the 17-year-old rapes or murders an innocent child, James Tubbs will not have to register as a sex offender, will not spend any time in county jail or state prison, will be 26 and housed with juveniles for a very short period of time and will be released with no probation or parole monitoring,” he blasted. “The victims will get no justice. The public will get no safety.”

“It’s an injustice against all of us, especially the young victims,” Hatami added.

Judge Mario Barrera blasted Gascón, too, but ultimately said his hands were “tied” and could not direct Tubbs to be housed in county jail.

“I want to be clear,” Barrera said. “The filing of a transfer motion is entirely within the discretion of the district attorney.”

According to Fox News, Tubbs was only linked to the case of the assault on the 10-year-old in 2019, when Tubbs’ DNA was entered into a database for another arrest. Charges were filed against Tubbs in 2020.

“Tubbs has previously been arrested for battery, drug possession, and probation violations in Idaho and Washington,” the report noted.

He was also accused of sexually assaulting a minor in Kern County, CA, but was never prosecuted. Now, he’s spending his short two-year sentence, locked up with young girls and somehow that’s justice?

I can understand how a judge might be obligated to follow current legislation but this case is completely void of common sense, in my opinion. What do you think? let me know in the comments below.




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