Rep. Ralph Norman [SC-R] gave the liberal witnesses a headache Wednesday as he forced them to clarify if they believed in infanticide or not.

None of the women would give a straight answer but their responses were interesting. He was specifically pressing them to answer if they believed a mother has the right to kill a healthy living child.

Jane’s Due Process Youth Program manager Sarah Lopez said she did “not accept the basis of that question.”

“I do not agree with the basis of that question, but I do believe abortion is health care,” Lopez said. The representative said he interpreted that answer to mean she supports killing a baby at birth.

Democratic Georgia state Rep. Renitta Shannon accused Norman of using “inflammatory language” that is not based on reality, further arguing that infanticide is not taking place in the medical field.

“Do you agree that if a healthy child is born, that it is a woman’s right to decide whether it lives or dies?” Norman pressed.

“What I think is, based on your question, you have a very low opinion of pregnant people,” she said. “Because if you think anybody —”

“Answer the question,” Norman said.

“I am answering it. You want an answer, or are you going to keep talking over witnesses? What I am telling you is nobody would carry a pregnancy and then decide on a Monday, because they are bored, that they want to have an abortion. That’s ridiculous, and it’s inflammatory and what you’re saying, you’re talking about families who are in tough situations where folks have been excited about carrying a pregnancy. Most of the abortions that happen later in pregnancy are really tragedies where it’s really a disappointment for everyone involved.”

Fatima Goss Graves, the president of the National Women’s Law Center, characterized Norman’s questioning as “dangerous” since abortion providers receive threats on a daily basis due to “inflammatory and outrageous language.” The South Carolina representative argued it is “inflammatory” to label abortion as “health care.”

He then questioned the witnesses on whether an unborn child should be considered a human being in cases of homicide. Currently, 38 states have fetal homicide laws that define the killing of a pregnant woman a double homicide, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Over half of the states, 29, apply these laws to the earliest stages of fetal development.

“It is inflammatory when she says ‘healthcare,’” he argued. “This being said, do the three of y’all favor doing away with the laws that are on the books [that] if a mother is carrying a child, and is shot, is that homicide or should that be abolished too?”

“I have no idea what law you’re talking about,” Graves said. “One of the most dangerous times is being pregnant and that is in part because of the sort of violence that pregnant people sometimes experience.”

Norman argued that the case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is the “greatest decision this Supreme Court has made” since it handed the right to regulate abortion back to the states. He criticized the rhetoric of some on the Left who argue that states would not allow physicians to take action if the pregnancy is a threat to the woman’s life or ectopic pregnancy.

“It is totally absurd,” he said. “The Supreme Court got it right. I hope each state will ban abortions, infanticide which the three of you are in agreement with.” Graves interjected saying she is not in favor of infanticide.

I’ve seen some of the responses to this video online, and let’s just say Mr. Norman enraged more than a few people but I think the overall reasoning behind it was to gauge exactly when these witnesses believed an infant’s life should matter.

Erica Carlin

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daniel sullivan

two walking talking whores on that panel – quite rude and ignorant hurting the black movement


These people are unbelievable. They refuse to admit that they are okay with a baby being killed at birth. They don’t want to admit it, so they talk around it. So sad that anybody would be okay with late-term abortion.

Sandra Lee Smith

So sad they’re “okay” with killing a live baby at any developmental stage! That should still be as abhorrent to us as slavery is to blacks, or genocide to Jews & Armenians! That it’s not tells me genocide is not far off again…


Oh hell, don’t expect accountability from them. Bet they want to kill U.S. too.

Sandra Lee Smith

In fact, they DO! Read their agenda. There are between 7.5 & 8 Billion people alive now; globalists want a population of no more than 500 Million, including themselves, of course, with the rest to be their slaves….

Robert Pegram

These women prove that pro-aborts won’t answer questions because they are liars.


It’s also because they are bought and paid for by the abortion industry…that in turn is supported by these folks:


The following point is one that Democrats ignore and will not accept…because they receive $millions in campaign donations from the abortion industry.

Abortion- A Body Dies.jpg
John Reed

If these women want to keep saying abortion is “health care” and they are so concerned about it, why don’t they show their real concern and try prevention. There are several things that can be done or used to keep from getting pregnant, but it seems to me that they don’t really care. To me it shows a lack of common sense or mental deficiency by both the woman and her male “companion”.

Sandra Lee Smith

Laziness, & refusal to be accountable for their behaviors fit there too.


They have all kinds of “talking points” and evasive propaganda but none would answer the questions directly. Typical.

Michael W Smith

Here in Texas, if a pregnant woman is killed by a drunk driver or shot and killed by a murderer the accused is charged with 2 counts of murder, period.! And I totally agree with that, Those women can’t comprehend the fact that Planned Parenthood murders healthy babies and sells the body parts for profit while the Communist Democrats give billions of tax payer dollars to Planned Parenthood and they (COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT) receive a kick back in return. Now if a woman gets pregnant by Rape, Incest, then that’s what should be done, but they can’t answer the question if a pregnant woman is killed by a murderer should he/she be charged for double homicide? And AOC and Piglosi and the other squad members are just egging it on non stop. What a pathetic mind set America is facing. Right now the Economy and Russias threats and open borders are the most important things that should be focused on.

Sandra Lee Smith

WHY??? In a rape or incest, that’s wrong for 2 big reasons: 1st, it’s MURDERING the 2nd victim of the crime; 2nd, it just adds that much more shame & guilt to the burden the original crime heaped on the 1st victim. As a survivor of incestuous rapes, who has listened to other survivors, in recovery groups, that’s just not the time to even mention baby killing. The mom victim needs emotional support, physical care & therapeutic healing. Very often they will choose to keep their babies, but if not, they can be free to go on with life without that added burden of having allowed the 2nd victim to be murdered in an emotional moment.
As a student & practicing RN, I heard mothers, who wanted their babies, threaten all manner of mayhem against baby & husband alike, in labor rooms; but as soon as the baby was born, ALL was forgotten. Emotions are not the best measures of judgment. Life altering decisions shouldn’t be made on their basis.

Michael W Smith

No Sandra as a practicing RN, incest leads to inbread babies and could result in retardation or deformity or all sorts of complications. I’m not saying I approve of that I’m merely stating that should be a thought out problem for the mother.

Sandra Lee Smith

The absurdity of leftists when they go to word twisting about issues is phenomenal!.
Truth: what PP et al do is feticide & infanticide, NOT “abortion”.
Truth: abortion is a natural function of a woman’s body when a baby has died in utero & begins to decay, as all dead things do, to clear it from her body, thus protecting the woman from infection & death. Most often it requires no intervention.
Truth: laws allowing for surgical intervention in event of incomplete abortions or ectopic pregnancies have been on the books, unaltered by Roe or Dobbs, since long before I was born. In cases of pre-eclampsia, much later in pregnancies, early delivery is the preferred management, so both have a chance. It’s generally a 3rd trimester issue, so the baby is viable, & delivery is easier on the mom too.


Riled up, aren’t the baby killers?

April Lopez

With the exception of rape & incest, the solution is simple…


Sick and mentally destroyed are now the professors teaching our young .No wonder we have kids not knowing what they are boy or girl and wrought parents making decisions for them.



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