Women in Prison Complain About Transgender Women Getting a Full Erection

Women in prison claim they are scared, especially the ones who share a cell with a transgender woman who has a full erection. They say they are afraid to make a complaint because they hold it against them. I am assuming it is because of political correctness.

They say that the guards get upset if a report is made. I don’t think it’s because they just don’t care, it’s because if they raise a stink they could find themselves in trouble.

Many women are arming themselves because of the huge transgender women and whether they need to be afraid or not, they are. Is it really fair to them to have to room with someone who could possibly rape them?

Again, it may not be a real danger but just the fact that they are scared seems like a good enough reason to room the transgenders together in the same cell. Perhaps they are afraid they would engage in sexual acts maybe not.

These women spoke to Abigail Shrier, author of “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters.”

Former inmate Tyrina Griffin told Shrier:

“Many of the men who are transferring there aren’t even on hormonal medication.”

“They’re getting a full erection. So you’re locked in this room, 24/7, with a man and there’s nothing you can do about it. If you tell the police you don’t want to live with a man, or you’re afraid or whatever, you’ll get a disciplinary infraction. So you’re basically punished for being scared.”

Another former inmate, Amie Ichikawa, told Shrier that many of the prisons do not separate inmates by the severity of their crimes.

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She said that the transgender woman could be a murderer and they could be placed in a cell with someone who was caught shoplifting.

From The Daily Wire


Facebook Finally Loses

Griffin told Shrier that such gender policies have made prisons “more of a war zone” (emphasis added):

In Washington state, which has a similar law, one male inmate who transferred into the women’s prison was a serial killer of women. “They might as well go ahead and start dropping the women off at San Quentin or Pelican Bay or one of the hard-core men’s prisons,” Ms. Griffin said. 

She added that women inside the prison are looking for ways to arm themselves. “They made it into a more of a war zone, to me, because I know women who are like, ‘I refuse to live with a man, and if I have to make me a prison knife to defend myself, then I’m going to do that.’ . . . I mean, you know how strong men are.

Imagine one woman trying to defend herself against this big ol’ man, and the men coming in, they are like 6-foot-5, 6-foot-6, 300 pounds. These men look like Hercules compared to these little women. Can you fault the woman for actually trying to defend herself?”

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C’mon people. Female impersonators are not really female. Why would anyone expect them not to get erections?


fine keep tranies in mens prisons,,,they can get it on with other men


All this transgender baloney is taking away Real womens rights…transgender should be treated as the mental illness it is and not forced onto normal people~




I agree 100%


I totally agree with you Carol. Transgender women are still “Men” physically. Just because they think they’re woman, doesn’t make them females.


This transgender thing is completely OUT OF HAND!!!


Biden needs to stop this sh*t; although he won’t, because he’s a perv too.


How disgusting! Even the prison has to deal with this transgender crap! There should be a line, and they should have to put up with it. They should NOT compete in girl’s sports and should not force themselves into girl’s lockers or bathrooms.
Note to trans:
Suck it up guys. You can’t have everything your way.


tranie men only want to get aLOOK AT WOMEN NAKED,AND COMPETE in women sports because they can´t win in mens sports. they want into womens or girls locker rooms to get a look at young women , they are proverted


put these tranies in a mens prison and let the male prisoners know who they are….men are men, women are women. there aren´t any more sexes,,only man or women.


Upon reading this I am shocked I tell you, shocked.


Yes,the pervert Democrats introduced a new type of male in skirts


I’d almost agree with the mental illness but I don’t think it is .I think its just a bunch of bull S**t and they know they’ll get away with pretending and no one can say anything about .But really they are just a bunch of criminal sissies that can’t compete with real men . I can tell you now if I ever go into a womens bathroom I will be looking under the doors to see which way the toes are pointing and when I get done screaming and yelling rape , even if I have to rip my own clothes off. My parents used to get mad because I hated dresses when I was young because I was always doing boy stuff BUT NEVER ONCE DID I WANT TO BE A GUY OR THINK OR SAY I WANTED TO BE A GUY. I LIKE BEING A TOMBOY , GUY STUFF IS SO MUCH MORE FUN . FISHING, CAMPING, BASEBALL, FOOTBALL, BUT I ALSO LIKED PLAYING WITH MY DOLLIES TOO.


Diana exactly:You are functioning adult, NOT an incarcerated felon that thinks he can get away with not only crimes against society (even though he was caught and imprisoned), but can get away also with being imprisoned under his choice of prison [NEEDING to violate society’s rules to avoid working IS the mental illness, the transgenderism claimed is just a different application of it]

Christina Robleto

Another opportunity to destroy women & take away their rights as a human being. The transgender craze will create a very confused society of people who will never be satisfied. The damages done could be permanent. Women in prison & in sports have to defend their very existence now.

Dennis Karoleski

For the record it is medically and scientifically impossible to change one’s gender. It simply cannot be done no matter what is cut off, sewn on or injected. All that can physically be accomplished for a person suffering from the mental dysfunction of gender dysphoria is to cosmetically alter the outward appearance. The male XY DNA will test as the biological male he was born as for no amount of wishful thinking, bullying legislation, sophomoric name-calling or Harry Potter magic wand waving can change it into female XX DNA. One would expect an educated population to realize that indisputable fact but instead so many have been terrified into cowaedly silence by “political correctness” and the homosexual mafia screeching “homophobia”; (litterly meaning the “fear” of homosexuality). Long story short in 1973 when the American Psychological Association changed their opinion and voted to remove homosexuality from the list of mental aberrations it wasen’t based on scholarly studies or new scientific evidence. Their acceptance of homosexuality was purely political, the result of a relentless campaign of deception, intimidation, outright violence and unethical collusion between elitist APA/APA committees and activist homosexual groups. Combined with an actual Marxist plot hatched in 1890s Europe to destroy Capitalism now known as political correctness that opened the curse of Pandora’s Box on humanity resulting in the horror show we now have in the name of “equality”. The cold, hard reality is the biological male surgically and chemically altered to resemble a female is still a mentally compromised homosexual crossdresser whose very nature prevents reproduction. Winston Churchill summed it up better than I ever could when he said: “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is”. Unfortunately, words like those simply bounce off the foreheads of those incapable of rational thought, legend-in-their-own-mind progressive liberals. To them the truth sounds like hate speech because they hate the truth.


You’re of course, spot on, particularly in reference to the too many members of our society losing – or who’ve lost – their capacity for critical thinking.
One other major aspect – and everybody talks about it – is medical costs. At least for those of us paying attention to the rampant fraud, waste, and abuse at the collective hands of economic illiterate politicians, taxing our butts to death at the state, county, and local level,its ridiculous.
Thinking about military medical benefits, much of what you cite obviously places the phat bill for lifetime medications and “life-long psychological counseling” (which every provider of “transition” procedures recommends without exception) on the collective plate(s) of the tax payers.
Insurance is all about risk, and these same interfering politicians, have turned insurance into something other than a device to deal with risk. By passing laws to force insurance companies to cover things that have nothing to do with risk, they’ve consistently forced the cost of insurance in an ever increasing upward trajectory.
Annual checkups – known in advance – take place once a year. Foreseeable events are not a risk. Annual checkups are no cheaper when they are covered by an insurance policy. On the contrary, they are one of many things that are more expensive when they are covered by an insurance policy. Liberal politicians – at least here in California – have mandated things that insurance must cover, including treatment for baldness, contraceptives and a whole bunch of other malarkey. Playing Santa Claus costs these politicians nothing, and pay them in votes, and these things cost the policy-holder a bundle – all of which the politician will blame on the “greed” of the insurance company.


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Quaid1936: If I made $87 per hour (approximately $180,000/year), I’d have to quit your job to chase the next offer of $190,000/year. But I’d STILL have to wear a mask, and fear CCPVID-19.


This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. This is in lockstep with the ideology that has has been a chart-buster for the Liberal political vision that blacks are besieged by racist enemies, from which Liberal Democrats are their only protection. Liberals have given black youngsters exemptions from behavioral standards, just as a prominent Ivy League chemistry professor gave black students exemption from academic standards.
Spinless politicians exempt their followers – the ever increasing ranks of the homeless at the top of the list – from the requirements of civilization. These “basics” include work, behavioral standards, personal responsibility and all the other basic things that the sagracious intelligentsia disdain. The abhorrent, ruinous consequences to them and to society at large are ignored – Until its too late!


The law suits will add up to millions upon and millions of George Washington’s by way of awarding damage(s). These cases will of course, require the states and counties defend themselves against them. Then, the attorneys representing the state/county will bill guess who?
Yup, the tax payers!


Obviously, in addition to the legal fees, the tax payers will be on the hook to fund the damage(s) awards.

Mark Gravitte

Thanks obama/obiden! You useless assholes have nearly ruined America. Go back to Kenya where you were born and obiden, just keep your head in the sand, your oblivious to what’s happening and your to senile and stupid to realize it!

Wild Bill1

So Mark, What flavor of Kool-Ade are they serving this week?


gRAPE, of course, didn’t you even READ the article before you commented Wild Bill1?




The woke, PC crowd have lost their minds!!!!!🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴. There is no common sense This trans thing is way out in the far left of the idealogical spectrum.

John Grychak


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