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Woman With “F*** Trump” Sticker Arrested, But Not Because Of The Sticker

Here’s an interesting lesson in how A) you should be careful when you want attention, and B) how the mainstream media twists the news.

VIA | Daily Wire

A Texas woman drove a truck that bore a sticker reading “F*** TRUMP AND F*** YOU FOR VOTING FOR HIM.”

As The Houston Chronicle reported, that prompted Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls to post a warning on Facebook, hoping he could identify the owner of the vehicle and warning of possible disorderly conduct charges.

The woman, Karen Fonseca, outed herself in the Houston Chronicle, admitting she used to work for Nehls in the county jail.

The ACLU got involved, protesting that the sticker was permissible because of the laws regarding free speech. Fonseca was arrested, and The Washington Post ran this headline, implying the arrest was connected to the sticker brouhaha: “She put an obscene anti-Trump message on her truck and was arrested. Now she might sue.”

Except for one thing: Fonseca was wanted on an outstanding warrant over fraud charges and was arrested after her name went public.

They never learn: Fonseca later added another sticker to her truck, reading, “F*ck Troy Nehls and f*ck you for voting for him”:

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