Woman Admits To Conning US Navy, You Won’t Believe The Kind Of Jail Time She’s Facing

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I know that one of the many theories experts say the Titanic sank was the builder used shotty materials. Specifically, bum steel bolts and castings. That’s why I was shocked to read that a woman recently admitted to selling the United States Navy counterfeit steel castings for over four decades.

Metallurgist Elaine Thomas confessed that she lied to the Navy about the metal she supplied them. Her potentially dangerous deceit was only uncovered once the Navy had hired a new metallurgist. At this point, there might be countless Navy vessels in active service that contains some of Thomas’ bum metals.

According to AP News:

“Elaine Marie Thomas, 67, of Auburn, Washington, was the director of metallurgy at a foundry in Tacoma that supplied steel castings used by Navy contractors Electric Boat and Newport News Shipbuilding to make submarine hulls.”

From 1985 through 2017, Thomas falsified the results of strength and toughness tests for at least 240 productions of steel — about half the steel the foundry produced for the Navy, according to her plea agreement, filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Tacoma,” the AP noted. “The tests were intended to show that the steel would not fail in a collision or in certain ‘wartime scenarios,’ the Justice Department said,” according to the outlet.

“Ms. Thomas never intended to compromise the integrity of any material and is gratified that the government’s testing does not suggest that the structural integrity of any submarine was in fact compromised.”

“She suggested that in some cases she changed the tests to passing grades because she thought it was “stupid” that the Navy required the tests to be conducted at negative-100 degrees Fahrenheit ”

“Thomas faces up to 10 years in prison and a $1 million fine when she is sentenced in February. However, the Justice Department said it would recommend a prison term at the low end of whatever the court determines is the standard sentencing range in her case.”

Just 10 years? Am I crazy for expecting someone who defrauded the US Navy for decades to face a harsher sentence? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below.




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