With 19 Children and 2 Adults Dead, Uvalde PD Puts Out Statement Saying It’s ‘Thankful Officers Did Not Sustain Any Life Threatening Injuries’

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The Uvalde Police Department has come under fire (pun intended) for allowing up to 80 minutes to go by before any officer attempted to go into the room where a shooter murdered 19 children and two adults at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday.

During the controversy over the awful way the local police handled the active shooter incident, the Uvalde Police Department put out a statement concerning the events that took place at the school.

In the statement, the department said, “It is important for our community to know that our Officers responded within minutes alongside Uvalde CISD officers.”

While it may be true that the officers arrived at the scene within minutes, they most certainly did not do their jobs within minutes as they stood around outside the building out of fear of being shot.

There are some questions about that statement. According to a constructed timeline, the gunman entered the school building around 11:30 AM and police arrived at 11:35 AM. But the problem with the statement is that the gunman barricaded himself into a 4th grade classroom for over 60 minutes at the beginning of which he said, “It’s time to die,” according to a boy who survived the incident.

“He came in and he crouched a little bit and he said, ‘It’s time to die,'” the boy told KENS-TV reporter Henry Ramos. “I was hiding hard,” the boy said. “And I was telling my friend not to talk because he is going to hear us.”

The boy’s parents didn’t want him identified or on camera, understandably, but the boy said that he wanted to share what happened.

Throughout that time, not a single police officer attempted to get inside as the gunman shot and killed 19 students and two teachers.

Here’s the part that, when I read it, seemed kind of cold to me.

“Our entire department is thankful officers did not sustain any life-threatening injuries.” How could they when we’re hearing that police cowered outside the school building and didn’t go in to get at the gunman and maybe save some lives?


That line stunned a lot of people when you consider that the police failed to act in a timely manner, and that their lack of action ended up with 21 deaths that could have been prevented.

One of the excuses being thrown around came from Steven McCraw, a Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman who said that the officers outside the building believed that the children were “no longer at risk” and so they waited for reinforcements. It took reinforcements over an hour to get there?

That’s just a shockingly overwhelming statement. Every one of those officers should be fired at the least. How could they tell the children were “no long at risk” from outside the building, where it was safe, unlike for the kids inside the classroom with the shooter who were counting on them to help them?

A reporter asked the spokesman if after hearing him say that everything that could have been done to save their children’s lives was not done, do the parents deserve an apology, and the insensitive McCraw said, “If I thought it would help I would apologize.”

McCraw then said the cops didn’t think anyone was “living anymore and that the subject is now trying to keep law enforcement at bay or entice them to come in and suicide by cop.”

I thought they signed up to go running toward an active shooter in order to save people’s lives. I must have misunderstood that part of the job description. I also read that these cops had recently gone through training for what to do during an active shooter situation at a school and that they did the exact opposite of what the training said to do.

The spokesman confirmed that two female students did call 911 during the shooting from inside the classrooms that the shooter took control of and that between 12:43 and 12:47 one of them “asked 911 to please send the police now.”

Little girls had the wherewithal during a shooting event right in front of them to place a call to police begging them to send cops in to help them, and they still waited more than 3 minutes to go into the room.

People who have read my stories know that I always Back the Blue, but I have to question when something like this happens. Something has to be done about the cops not behaving like cops and allowing 19 children and two teachers to be killed without even trying to stop it. Something has to be done to find out why the security at the school was so lax. But it seems like the only thing that will be done is excuses will be made and every law-abiding gun owner will somehow pay a punishment for the mistakes and outright misfeasance of the Uvalde school system and Police Department.

The irony is if the Democrats get their way and stop lawful people from being able to defend themselves, they will have to depend on police coming to help them when someone tries to take their life. Thank God most police officers do not behave the way the Uvalde cops did.




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