Why Didn’t Previous Election ‘Auditors’ Catch All These Obvious Errors?

Performing an audit is hard. Trying to do an accurate audit is even harder, However, if you are just looking to rubber-stamp the numbers the election fixers used, it’s very easy to do an audit.

You play Twister, Life, and canasta for a few days and then you announce that the election figures are exactly right. The Maricopa County Supervisors paid $100k to perform a sham audit so that the Supervisors could say I told you so.

The problem arose when the state Senate decided to hire their own auditors and they hired Cyber Ninjas, experts on electronic fraud. They had no problem finding problems with the count. They found ballots marked with sharpies, duplicate ballots, over 74,000 write-in ballots that were never requested, and many other assorted errors in the count, including the use of counterfeit ballots.


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Ben Cotton and his team were selected by the Cyber Ninjas to address the IT work related to Maricopa County’s results in the 2020 Election. Cotton did the work that the other two firms were supposed to do. Cotton was able to find errors even though the Maricopa County Supervisors were totally uncooperative. They literally took the Fifth Amendment when questioned about irregularities. They should have saved themselves that $100k because they will need it to hire criminal defense attorneys.

Below is a list of items addressed by Cotton during his presentation to the Arizona Senate last Thursday.

  1. Auditors have collected over 2,000 Terabytes of data, the vast majority is video footage.
  2. What Maricopa County has told the public is often drastically different than their response to the legal subpoena.
  3. Maricopa didn’t use a forensically secure process to clone drives. Dates and times were altered by their cloning process.
  4. On March 11th, 2021 someone with Admin access to the (EMS) election management system ran a script that produced 37,646 queries looking for blank passwords. The system has only 8 user accounts. (see below)
  5. Windows Security Event Logs before February 5th, 2021 are missing.
  6. Every election Administrator account, no matter the user, all have the same password.
  7. When the Dominion software was installed in August 2019, Administrative passwords were created, and haven’t been changed since.
  8. The vulnerabilities that exist on the Maricopa election systems would take an average script kiddie less than 10 minutes to gain access to these systems.
  9. Maricopa’s election system uses ibutton key fobs as the 2nd step in logins. Maricopa and Dominion have refused to provide these fobs to auditors. (see below).
  10. It’s become readily apparent there are severe cybersecurity problems with the way the election management system and network was maintained.
  11. We are seeing anonymous logins at the system level that do not follow that pattern of normal Windows behavior.
  12. After both sides agreed on a solution, Maricopa County then refused to release that router data.
  13. Maricopa can’t check the configuration of its own election system without relying on Dominion employees.
  14. The two EAC audits hired by Maricopa earlier in the year appear not to have addressed cybersecurity aspects, not even shared passwords.
  15. Not a single bit of data was changed on any device in the auditor’s possession. Use of a “write block” device prevented this. Images were made bit by bit, then an MD5 hash value was applied. There is no need to purchase new machines.
  16. There have been no antivirus updates, operating system updates, or security patches applied to the election system since August 2019, the date Dominion software was installed.
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The auditors hired by the county supervisors found none of this stuff. Gee, I wonder why.


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Bruce Baker

It is my opinion… this rigged 2020 election was preplanned to install A Democrat by Any Means Necessary, and even if they got caught… the plan was to legally block any actual ballot fraud investigation for 6-8 months, at which point, the false administration would be fully lodged and be legal by the old rule… Possession is 9/10ths of the law, or so they planned? Way back, in the 2nd/ 3rd week of November 2020, most of us saw the fraud, the obvious Rigged Election Steal, but somehow the Dems, The Liberals, and the Fake News Media was able to push off any real investigation into Voter Fraud as Phony Votes, illegal votes, and stolen votes were recounted, or as this article indicates… previous fraud counts were used over and over even in January 2021? Time for a Legal Precedent… Throw these Bums, Crooks, and Biden Administration Out On Their Ears.. FIRE THEM, and use the legal vote count to install either Donald Trump, or we do what happened when Richard Nixon resigned, Congress picks someone to complete this presidential cycle who has the credentials of an Honest Politician, eh? Yeah, I lived through the Nixon thing, and Ford was not the bright shining light the media made him out to be, but after four years of Jimmy Carter, and I liked Jimmy, the economic trashing of what was a pretty good economy was pretty obvious by 1980. I live the years, I went from job to job, and watched a number of businesses go down the drain during Jimmy Carter’s term in office, but this Joe Biden guy, is on steroids for TRASHING the small businesses and creating National USA DEBT… that is no joke. How about we GET the 2020 Vote FACTS instead of the Dems/ Liberals Lies, eh? Forensic Investigations for not just Arizona and Georgia, but Michigan, Pennsylvania, and read yesterday Wisconsin is proposing a forensic vote investigation too? Let us find facts instead of lies by thousands of Democrat Lawyers who have been blocking Voter Ballot Investigations, eh?

Dale Gant

So true.

Sandra Lee Smith

Sorr, you’re mistaken about what happened when Nixon resigned. Elected VPOTUS Spiro Agnew had resigned & Gerald Ford was appointed to fill the rest of his term, by Nixon, approved by the Senate. When Nixon resigned, Ford, as the sitting VPOTUS, moved up to that slot, & and Rockefeller was appointe to finis out the VPOTUS slot.


Every illegal vote cancels out a lawful one


it was shaped, designed, rigged, and rammed through by the democrat KKK party, the media $luts, and the communists to accomplish one thing and one thing only – the placement of the democrat KKK vagina in the oral office and a black one at that … time to have the 87% take back control of the nation from the rioting 13% and their honkie idiot helpers .. the scamdemic was a blessing from the devil just for the dem scum ..

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It’s easy to hide the fraud when The Democrats remove all Republican observers from the buildings where the counting and checking takes place.

It’s like two kids who find 100 pennies and one of them named Jimmy does all the counting and Susie doesn’t get to watch him count. Jimmy ends up with 100 pennies. “One of you and one for me” results in Jimmy having 100 pennies.

The counting by the democrats resulted in many instances where Biden got 200 votes and Trump got Zero votes. The Democrats staged a Coup d’Etat and so far they have gotten away with overthrowing a lawfully elected government, without firing a single shot.

The next one will not be so easy for them!

50 years ago, nobody could have imagined that the United States of America would have elections like Cuba and North Korea and Venezuela have.


Hey Liberty One!

When you have 6 posters and 4 of them are scammers, it’s time to police your comments section.

Christina Robleto

They were in a hurry to cheat & steal the election, all the more reason we need a 50 state audit & hold everyone involved accountable & sent to prison for election interference, interference by foreign countries, fraud & attempting to remove a duly elected president from office. Assclown’s administration is going down.

mike dar

including the use of counterfeit ballots’…. I said this is the only way to insert 2xs as many Dem voters for Biden as were for Obama…. which means perhaps 50,000- 100,000 Chinese made Ballots in Maricopa alone!!!

Sandra Lee Smith

You have to be looking for something, in most cases, if you wish to find it…

alicia cervera

previous ddnt catch it — they were in on the scam. prbably ´paid by soros or FB or GATES or the donkey party.


Democrats are so desperate that they are actually screwing up the whole process and not in their favor.There can’t be one person here to thinks that Biden won and or vote for something like that a Dementia senile old crook


I find it amazing that judges will not even look at the possibility of illegal activity even when a large number of counties have more ballots cast than their population. Not more than eligible voters, More than their entire county population. One county in southern Florida had 14% more votes than the total population. While Trump won Florida, amazingly it was close.

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[Why Didn’t Previous Election ‘Auditors’ Catch All These Obvious Errors?]
That’s easy to answer, because they were too busy covering them up! This is what you get when you have the same people who committed the “Voter Fraud”, be the ones who do the audit in search of “Voter Fraud! This is what has happened everywhere they claim that they have done an audit, those audits were all done by the same people who committed the “Voter Fraud”! Every audit should only be done by an independent organization that actually wants to find any “Voter Fraud” that supposedly occurred in the election, and that can’t be anyone the Democrats get to choose, since it is always the Democrats that are found to be those who commit “Voter Fraud”.

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