Why Are Dems Giving Convicts and Illegals Nearly $30,000?

It seems like everyday we are reminded that the Biden Administration & the Democrat Party could not care less about ordinary Americans.  If you judge people by their actions (not by their skin color as the Democrats insist on doing) there is only one conclusion that you’ll come to when analyzing the Biden regime: they care about criminals and illegals more than they care about law abiding taxpayers.

I’m not trying to beat up on Uncle Joe, it’s not just his handlers, it seems to be everyone of consequence in the Democrat Party.  The Democrats have been separating people based on race for a century and a half.

We always talk about how the Democrats only pay attention to the needs of the black community when they need votes.  They pay lip service to the community and then turn their backs on them as soon as they … assume the office they are running for.

Well, recently the Democrats seem to have changed up their playbook a little bit.  Now they only worry about the needs of illegals and criminals, however, I bet it is for the same exact reasons … they plan on giving them both the right to vote.

After the regime brings tens of millions of illegals into the country, they will steal your tax money to bribe them with, then give them voting rights, and just like that the America that you and I grew up in and the American Dream itself, are dead.

New York seems to have gotten the memo:

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Bongino.com is reporting:

‘New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers are working on an “Excluded Workers Fund” that would give ex-convicts and illegal aliens more than $27,000 because they supposedly missed out on opportunities to work and get government cash during the coronavirus. Both groups were not eligible for the Federal stimulus or relief bills because either they were in jail last year or alternately because they’re foreigners who aren’t supposed to be in the country at all.

The amount of money that would go into this program is staggering.

Per Politico:

Recipients would retroactively receive $600 for each week they were unemployed from March 27 through July 31, 2020. They’d receive $300 for each week from Aug. 1, 2020 through Sept. 6, 2021.

Anybody who hasn’t worked for the duration of the pandemic would thus be eligible for an immediate payment of $20,700 and could eventually receive an additional $6,600 [for a total of $27,300]

Those figures match the enhanced unemployment benefits that most workers have been eligible for over the past year. Advocates have been pushing for a larger fund costing $3.5 billion, so that recipients can also receive funds matching state-level benefits.

Imagine living in New York, the state with the highest tax rate in America, and finding out they’re going to give $2 billion dollars of your money to ex-cons and illegal aliens. It’s easy to laugh at them until you remember that 100 billion dollars worth of your tax money was sent to New York in the last coronavirus relief bill. So, your tax dollars may not directly go into the program, but it has helped them become so flush with cash that they feel comfortable spending it on illegals and ex-cons.’

It’s that simple.  Bankrupt the nation, import a voting block that is used to living on a few dollars a day and PRESTO … the Democrats are in complete and total control … of a communist sh*thole.  There is no question that the Democrat Party is the best investment the CCP ever purchased.

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Demo☭rats are traitors!


WHAT ! $30,000


All Debt on American Tax Payers !!!

Al Barrs

Lara Trump, wife to Donald Trump’s son Eric, posted messages to social media Tuesday evening apparently from Facebook and Instagram informing her that posts “in the voice of Donald Trump” are banned from their platforms…

And why aren’t anti-Constitution Facebook and Instagram, as well as Twitter, being sued for it’s unconstitutional discrimination acts and being investigated for Anti-trust laws, and forced to break-up as phone companies were several decades ago??? These rogue anti-American companies want to act as predominate as so let’s treat them like so and disperse their company’s operation so they won’t have the universal power the unethically and unconstitutionally us…discrimination against some but not ALL!!

Lorraine E Blazich

Our country is already bankrupt and it shouldn’t take too much longer before it dies from financial suicide. We are going to experience a time that will be much worse than the great depression of the 1930’s. When that times come the illegal aliens will probably be leaving our destitute country in droves and returning to their home lands because life will be much better there. Doubt that our politicians will experience the same horrible fate as us taxpayers.


Politicians will be in total lockdown because if they venture outside they will be shot on site, goes for policemen too; maybe Banksters if they are recognized. I saw videos of the 30’s Depression where they’d chase cops down and beat them into oblivion. This time there will be complete lawlessness.


Left Wing Democrats are a danger to the USA and to the American People.

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