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Hillary Bought a $1.16 Million Home for White House Staff That Never Was

Hillary Clinton was so sure she would win the presidency in 2016 that she bought a $1.16 million home in Chappaqua for White House staff and security during retreats.

In a CBS interview on Hillary’s new book “What Happened,” the bitter woman talks about a million dollar mansion she purchased for White House staff and trashes Trump as a “white nationalist.”

Hillary White House Staff

This woman just won’t go away. My goodness! She’s even using this new racist narrative against Donald Trump! You can see the bitterness seething inside of her. The sad and mostly humorous part of the interview is that she spent over a million dollars on a mansion next door to her Chappaqua home for security and White House staff. That’s how sure she was that she would win.

Hillary goes on to talk about Trump’s inauguration and how hard it was to show up with husband Bill Clinton. That’s when she fans the flames of the “white nationalist” narrative on President Trump. She also comments how there were “millions of white people” who gained from Trump’s campaign. Oh! And don’t forget the Russia collusion! I can’t listen to anymore, she’s ridiculous.

They should have President Trump on the show for an interview for the second book in the meme below…

IJR| “I know a lot about what it takes to move a president, and I thought I was going to win,” Clinton said in an interview with CBS host Jane Pauley.

“Doesn’t it kind of haunt you,” Pauley began, referring to Clinton having lost the presidency after betting so much on moving into the White House.

“No, I’m very happy I did it,” Clinton said.

The former first lady said she had mixed feelings about attending President Donald Trump’s inauguration, despite the tradition of former presidential couples showing up as “part of the demonstration of continuity of our government.”

“So there I was on the platform, you know, feeling like, an out of body experience, and then his speech, which was a cry from the white nationalist gut,” Clinton related, frowning.

She added Trump’s speech was far from what she had hoped to hear from a president.

“What an opportunity to say, ‘I’m proud of my supporters but I’m the president of all Americans.’ But that’s not what I heard at all,” she said.

So glad that we don’t have to look at her face and Bill’s another four years. She brings up Trump’s off color remark about women all the time, yet her husband got BJ’s from an intern in the oval office and has rape accusations from multiple different women. Not only that, but she helped her husband cover it up!

This woman is nothing but a liar and she plays the victim well. I’m sure liberals all over fall right into her hands and feel bad for her and believe the lies that are spewing from her mouth. But I see right through her, this is just another blow to President Trump as the left tries to bring him down.

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