Well, President Biden is apparently going to run again in 2024 and the White House just made it official. During a press briefing a reporter asked if Biden planned to run and here was Jean-Pierre’s response:

“He has — first of all, let’s — let’s reset for a second. I cannot talk about elections. I cannot be a political analyst from here or — you know, or the midterms or anything like that, or including 2024.

The President, as you know, has been asked that question many times, and he has answered it. His answer has been pretty simple, which is: Yes, he’s running for reelection. I’m — I can’t say more than that.”

Earlier Jean-Pierre was touting that Biden has had ‘historic’ job growth. A reporter stole the wind out of her sails by asking, “didn’t it also lead to historic inflation?”

Jean-Pierre, ever the weasel, stumbled all over herself before finally settling in to blame Trump for Biden’s failures:

“That is — that is — that is not — that is not how we’re seeing the American Rescue Plan.”

She continued, “Look, the President came in — we have to remember what the President walked into. When he walked into this administration, the economy was at a standstill. Schools were closed. Businesses were shutting down. Twenty million people were on unemployment insurance benefits. That is what he walked into. And he took action. He got the American Rescue Plan done. Democrats — only Democrats voted for it. And it helped turn the economy around, including getting more than 200 million people vaccinated, having a comprehensive vaccination plan that — that was not in place when he walked into the administration.”

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But before you lose your lunch let’s take a moment—Would another Biden run be the worst thing? He has the absolute worst approval waiting. His economic plan, much like everything else, has run America into another crisis. Biden’s allowed for avoidable shortages, immigration nightmares, and high crime, and he’s crippled families at the pump.

Virtually anyone who ran against him could and should win. That’s why Democrats don’t want him to even try. So again, would it be a bad thing? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Erica Carlin

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You do know he has to say that ..right? The ole man can’t run a vacuum cleaner!!!


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J. R. Justice

What a TOTALLY DEMENTED LIBERAL RETARD !!!! Let’s Go Brandon !!!!

Jessica Evans

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He should run again. He is the face of the democrat party and got 81 million votes, an all time record. With all they learned in the 2020 election cycle, they should be able to break that record too.


Better get that gun out of his hand before he shoots himself


yes dementia jo is running, and it is leaking from his diaper and onto the floor of the White House
clean all commie democrats out of all offices and exile them to Afghanistan, dementia jo’s favorite place!

Patrick B. Hayes

With the help of God and nature, Biden will simply die in his sleep very soon.

Bob Webster

The Dem-Com Party is so brazen, they want to show Americans they can win no matter what candidate they put up… their fraud machine is honed to perfection aided and abetted by a fraudulent noise media. It’s “in-your-face” Stalinism (“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”). The Dem-Coms want to show that they could run a coat-hanger and win… and the empty-closet Biden is their perfect candidate. Expect soaring prices, medical and food shortages, street riots, increased crime, and likely another CDC-fostered fear-mongered non-pandemic for voters to contend with in November.

Just remember… the Left NEVER will give up power they’ve achieved (particularly after an election coup d’état) without a massive fight… they’ll leave nothing but crumbs regardless whether they win or lose.

Anyone who votes Democrat in November is a fellow-traveler to Evil and is ignorant of the potential for greatness this nation offers.



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