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White House Correspondents’ Pleads with Americans: ‘We Are Not Fake News!’

Saying you’re not fake news is in and of itself ‘fake news.’
You’re definitely fake news…

Desperate times call for desperate measures…

The president of the  White House Correspondents’ Association, Jeff Mason, made some pretty horrendous claims last night, stating that the media is not “Fake News.”

The entire thing is what I’d definitely consider humiliating for the man.

Mason began by discussing the accomplishments of the media in recent months and their interaction with President Trump, saying,

“We have worked very hard to build a constructive relationship with his [President Trump’s] press team. There are clear dividends from those efforts. The press is still in the White House briefing room, and we are still on Air Force One.”

Mason continued:

In fact, press access under President Trump has been very good. With all of the tension in the relationship, that aspect is often overlooked. We have had several press conferences, repeated opportunities to see and report on the president’s meetings, and with at least one notable and lamentable exception, good access to briefings with press staff and senior administration officials. Nevertheless, we cannot ignore the rhetoric that has been employed by the president about who we are and what we do. Freedom of the press is a building block of our democracy. Undermining that by seeking to delegitimize journalists is dangerous to a healthy republic.

“It is our job to report on facts and to hold leaders accountable. That is who we are. We are not fake news.” said Mason, “We are not failing news organizations and we are not the enemy of the American people.”

A Morning Consult survey as seen here, show that most Americans believe that the media is, in fact, the enemy of the people.

To break it down a little bit, 37 percent of people surveyed trust the White House versus only 29 percent who favor the political media. Forty-eight percent of those polled believe that America’s political journalists are harsher on President Tump, compared with only 16 percent who say they are easier.

A clip of Jeff Mason’s comments can be found here.

Pretty pathetic, don’t you think?

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar


    April 30, 2017 at 5:20 pm

    mainstream media must reform and begin objective and unbiased fact-based reporting in order for the public to believe them. their charter is to simply report facts , with no embellishment, loaded inferences or commentaries. credit the public with being intelligent to perceive and understand the media in their
    news reporting deceptions and distortions.

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