What This Gay BLM Activist Did To A Kitten Is Disgusting

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Rashad Gober, a gay BLM supporter, is seemingly blaming his arrest and charge of animal cruelty for torturing three different cats on police racism.

Cambridge Police announced the arrest of Gober, 31, at his home on Thursday, and charged him with four counts of animal cruelty, dating from March to May of this year. The investigation was initially opened after the discovery of a cat called Gosha on May 6th, who was huddled underneath a car, with her legs bound by masking tape. Further analysis on the deceased cat found a large percentage of her fur missing, also concluding that she had been shot repeatedly with a BB gun, with officers concluding that she had been subject to cruel torture.

The investigation then discovered two further cases of animal cruelty that they linked together, including a BB gun being used to wound a cat called Tammy on March 3rd/4th, who survived, and the case of Buddy on May 5th, who had suffered chemical burns. Posts on social media show an account under Gober’s name stupidly claiming that he had rescued Buddy, after seeing him injured in his yard and saving his life, which may have put him on the radar of authorities. Further posts under his Facebook account show he even claimed to have a lost cat who was tortured in the same way he allegedly tortured his feline victims.

Further evidence was discovered by maintenance man Dana Petrillo, who found “open cat food containers and bowls of milk spread out through the apartment in each room” of Gober’s first-floor apartment, seemingly to lure as many cats as possible to their death. “There was cat food cans open in the yard right near the barrels and a camera over there facing the barrels like he was trying to catch a cat,” he said. Video footage from Gober’s landlord also showed a trail of cat food leading to his apartment door. Petrillo connected Gober to the cat torture case after seeing a flyer regarding one of the cats.

Google search results taken from Gober’s phone show that he repeatedly looked up the best ways to torture cats, with queries including:

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Ways to torture a cat without killing it

What happens if you throw bleach on a cat

Cat chemical burn

Sounds to lure cats

Keeping a cat hostage

Despite Gober being into cat torture, he portrayed himself as a proud supporter of BLM on social media, even going so far as to write himself a mock obituary in 2016, imagining himself being killed by a racist white police officer. Photos show him in t-shirts supportive of the LGBT community, with slogans such as “why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic, when you could just be quiet?”

In a series of tweets a few days before his arrest and charge, potentially at the time of his questioning, Gober attempted to blame the actions of the police on racism, not the fact that he had clearly behaved suspiciously enough to be called in. “I seriously hate [Boston],” Gober tweeted. “This is the most racist place I’ve ever lived and I grew up in South Carolina.” He proceeded to describe Cambridge Police as “the most incompetent group of insecure pieces of sh*t that I’ve ever encountered,” and said they should be ashamed of themselves.

Reports even emerged that the white liberal community, who had “got played” by Gober, even seemingly contacted Massachusetts State Representative Mike Connolly, a radical anti-police BLM supporter, on his behalf – according to online posts, Connolly then “went out of his way” to get in touch with Gober and assure him he would be able to fight for him against the seemingly racist police.

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One of those who reached out to Connolly was Buddy’s owner himself, Craig Garvin, who in a statement said that he had “made us feel sympathy for you when you reached out to us with a moving story about how a raid by the police had left you distraught and emotionally damaged,” adding that it was “obvious from these deceptions that you wanted a larger impact than just the harm of an animal.”

If convicted, Gober could face up to seven years in prison and a fine of $5,000, as animal cruelty is a felony crime in Massachusetts.

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Christina Robleto

Worthless scumbag. To torture & kill an innocent animal just shows you have no compassion & that you are a psychopath preying on the innocent. Given time this POS will upgrade to killing people, like children, like the other scumbag who took a child from his bed & killed him in the street & then attempted to get the other kid in the home & all because he was white. All those who support blm have some seriously warped mental issues. I hope this guy ends up in prison, he’s a predator, I hope animal groups keep an eye on this POS. All those who live nearby, keep an eye out on your pets, the “woke” culture will probably give him a free pass.

Lois J. Busch

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Joey Xiden

Rashad needs to be duct taped to a tree and eveyone pays $1 a whack with a nail spiked baseball bat. Fkn puxxy should not draw another breath on this planet.

Annette Ghelfi

Just to clarify, the title is misleading as none of these were kittens. I live a few houses down. This is not dismissing his actions. He is a sick, horrible; disgusting human being and we all want our chance with him. It is horrifying, as I have seen him walking his dog and remember when he moved in. It is terrifying to know that such evil was living so close!


One of the first signs of a psycho is the way they torture animals. It’s not long till they graduate to killing people.


In this case the BLM stands for Blooming Lousy Moron.



mike grunewald

why can’t we just kill this dirt bag,why??

Anonym OUS

Instead, fry the SOB!
If not, at least subject him to the same torture tactics he used. Instead of a bb gun, use a .17 or .22 cal. ‘varmint’ air gun. (The varmint is used when you wish to kill rodents, aka ‘rats’.
This POS fits that category.
I’ll even volunteer should such be authorized.
Skip the ‘bleach treatment, though. THIS Black is Black thru and thru.


Euthanize this sick sodomite phuq.

Ray Copeland

They need to do these worthless f>g scumbags the same way that they did to these little kittens.


Tell me one thing these BLM niggers do that is not disgusting. They should have been shot in the streets last summer. Put in body bags and hauled to the garbage dump.


A Democrat “Pussy”, killing a “Pussy”.Sick lgbtxyZOO freaks.


Disgusting POS. Give me a nail gun, I’ll teach him how it feels.


He should get exactly the same as what he gave those poor little kitties with no mercy.
Scum like that does not deserve to be amongst us.

Lee 501

Euthanasia is Too Easy for this little PO 💩! He should be Tortured in the Same Exact Manner he Did to those Poor Innocent Little Kittens 🐈‍⬛! THAT a would be JUSTICE and NOT Torture for him!!!

Lee 501

Whether Kittens 🐈‍⬛ or Cats, These Poor Animals are NOT Horror entertainment for that Piece Of BLM Loving Police Hating 💩 Racist Ignorant White Bashing LBQTQRSTUV Wack Job F**k Wad!!!


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What should happen is he gets treated as the cats were.

Mark Gravitte

Talk about a piece of shit. Grade A #1! I think far more of the little kittens than I do that spear chucker. He is the kind of low life loser that blames all things on someone else. What does being gay have to do with the loser torturing kittens? He also claims to be a blm terrorist. This Baboon is a real loser. blm IS NOT about activism. blm is an extremely disorganized terror network funded by none other than the turncoat Jew, old loser george soros. You spear chuckers need to be out planting a tree, picking up garbage and helping those less fortunate folks with your time, but hell no. You’ve got to be out wreaking havoc and causing chaos. Losers!


This hurts me. I had a friend, a cat, for 14 years. He was loyal, brave, friendly, sensitive, creative and affectionate. I miss him and am much bothered at the feeling one like him being tortured.


Perversion has no limits. A slippery slope of disgusting degradation. I fear for any children in this man’s vicinity.

mike grunewald

I have some Muratic Acid I would like him to drink I’ll pay for the acid

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