What Is Biden Hiding? His Russia Connection Borders On Treasonous

Joe Biden overruled his own Secretary of State and assorted other officials when he lifted the sanctions against Russia’s Nord 2 pipeline to Germany. It was a billion-dollar giveaway to Russia for which we got nothing in return.

You Biden voters out there…. would you vote for him today knowing how much he has already hurt our country and the wholesale invasion of our border that keeps getting worse with Biden’s blessing?

What kind of crooked business deal has Russia offered Hunter Biden and the Big Guy? That may not be fair but it is a question that we would never have asked 20 years ago before these deals were brazenly made without fear of reprisal. Unless, of course, the perp’s last name was Trump. That would be a whole new ballgame.

Blinken and his staff prepared a list of recommended sanctions against the pipeline but Biden refused them and lifted all existing sanctions.

The pipeline is 90% completed and will now be finished rather quickly and Russia will then have a club to hold over Germany and other parts of Europe. Biden killed our pipeline and the 55,000 jobs it supported but Russia gets a pass.

Biden’s meeting only included himself, Putin, and Russian security. They kicked the press out before the talks. You have to wonder why.

His handlers had to wait outside.

Republicans wrote in a public letter to Biden earlier in June:

“Waiving sanctions for Nord Stream 2 ‘because it’s almost finished’ is the wrong message to our allies and partners and undermines our credibility and global leadership.”

“Lifting these sanctions prioritizes Russian energy over American energy and Russian jobs over American jobs. We urge you to rethink your action and fully implement the Congressionally-mandated sanctions against all responsible parties and actors to permanently stop the completion of Nord Stream 2.”

From The Daily Caller

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Republicans on Capitol Hill have repeatedly attacked Biden for removing obstacles to the pipeline’s completion. Former President Donald Trump introduced a series of sanctions that succeeded in slowing, but not stopping, the construction while he was in office.


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Biden needs to be removed. That whole administration is nothing but treason ridden. Get rid of bad rubbish!!

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