What Do Hillary Clinton And Lucifer Have In Common? A Lot.

Since Watergate, Hillary Clinton has been active in law and politics. She has been helping local, state, and federal governments go around the American citizen and hurl the entire country into a long Communist Cultural Revolution for a very long time.

She is a forefront figure of the generation who absorbed Saul Alinsky’s Community Organizing tactics from guerilla warfare to bring about a hellish utopia against individual freedoms.

Hillary, like Alinsky’s lover, is still pushing for his Luciferian fantasies over the rest of humanity.

“Keep  pushing,” wrote Hillary Clinton, while bragging about the achievements of the Marxist revolution we are all victims of.

Leftists like Hillary loved third-world tribal warfare out of Alinsky’s revenge against established religion. He has raised a Jew, and instead of being pious or just getting out because it wasn’t his thing,  he turned on humanity and decided to torture people with something called “Community Orgazing,” which was really just a sociopath pushing his unordered sadistic fantasies on people without their consent.

Hillary’s parents, the “Greatest Generation,” spoiled and pampered their children. The Greatest Generation apparently forgets to teach their self-centered bratty little boomer offspring that America is good, and they should leave it better than they found it.  So now these aging spoiled elite hippies are the nightmarish gargoyles hanging over our lives about to cover our existence with their control and dominance schemes.

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Remember, Hillary has demanded that domination for a long time since she was in High School as a Marxist, and her fantasies were an eternal revolution struggle in America.

Read it from her own words, in her love letter to Alinksy:

Truly- they are both creatures from the pits of inferno, and we can not get rid of them.

Look at haughty Hillary bragging and showing off on Twitter, like the worst child menace, about the destruction she and her disgusting ilk have caused American families and poor people.

The feeding frenzy around George Floyd’s death on Tuesday brought a loss of safety for poor children, single mothers, and real victims.  Does anyone believe that Hillary Clinton cares about those people?  Please.

On George Floyd Day, it is important to remember that these third world revolutionaries planned the police reform for decades, that they would come to pin on George Floyd’s death. What unfolded over the last year in the aftermath of his tragic death may have appeared to look like a reaction to his death, but it wasn’t.

It wasn’t even a reaction to any of the deaths they claimed they cared about over the last 20 years or of any historic “injustice” at all.  It was a power grab. For THEM.  Nothing more. It was a toy to play with.

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Aging hipster organizers know that what has become of America was a plot, an infiltration of our Republic.  It was revenge for stuff their parents made them do that they didn’t want to do, like work and school, revenge for going to church, and revenge against President Reagan’s law and order.   And to make it worse,  the plans to hurt people have been in the public’s eyes for decades.  What they want is chaos and then control over everything in their own chaotic ways.  That is exactly what Saul Alinksy taught them, and they lived out his dream. Especially Hillary has lived out his dream.


Consider this manual, written in 2003 by Maya Harris, the sister of Kamala Harris.


A Community organizing book, a “how to” road map that has worked against the police, without any opposition, and one that has been well funded.  The plan has been given seamless messaging, branding, and PR in every American institution in the land, and our side doesn’t understand who these diabolical deviants are.

Readers most likely don’t know about that manual, the left’s motivation, or their specific plans, although the manual has been public the entire time.  No one on the right but myself talks about it, but the truth is that what you see happening with George Floyd was a perfectly executed plan of action.


Facebook Finally Loses

They used him.




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Gerald S Ladd

She’s a failure. She’s never really accomplished anything in her whole worthless life.


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Who gives a damn about your scheme. Get a real job.


Yes she did. She set the plan in motion that will end liberty as we know it.


Hi…. Failure is not the only thing that she has accomplished! She is a liar, suspected of many deaths, greedy, cheater, determined for power and those are a few! She is so pro abortion, too bad her mother didn’t have access! Ask Arkansans what they think of her.


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I could almost say she IS Lucifer.

Mary Griffin

Some people have known this was happeming since the 70s. Put no one listened to the hippis. No one knew our own government was the oes destoring our country. They all pertented to be good people. They have completely taken this generation by surprise.


PLEASE please please, USE Spellcheck before you post. No one will take your comments seriously if you sound like a moron.

Kris Fluharty

Lumping all boomers with Hilary and her ilk is a huge error on your part. You are showing a bias against an entire group of people based on when they were born. Each person, no matter his/her age, is a unique individual with strengths and weaknesses just like yourself. Contributions to society have been made by every generation. Many boomers are raising their grandkids, and in some cases, their great grandkids. You seem very angry and your scapegoat seems to be boomers.


George Floyd’s death was the perfect storm that set their evil plan in motion. Hillary doesn’t have to die to live in hell. She has created it here on earth. It will take a strong leader and determination to save the Republic. Time is not on our side.


The article doesn’t mention the obvious thing which they have in common: the bifurcated tail.


This “ boomer” isn’t a pinko, my parents instilled the love of family, country. My dad was a WW 2 Navy veteran, could never figure out why people hated our country ( anti war protests, communists, riots, etc)

Steve Johnson

Hillary has already started working on her biography with Journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones, author of the faked 1619 Project. When the book comes out it will be a complete success in pet stores for birdcage poop paper. She’s just sad that Epstein died before he could write the introduction. Sorry, Hilllary. It’s just another bump in the road like the deaths of our service men that died because you refused to call in help for them.


She’s the UGLIEST, EVIL BITCH Spawned of SATAN that has ever walked the earth. She has now poisoned an entire generation of wannabe (the squad) marxists followers. But GOD will have the last say!!


I agree with your assertions, but I think they would be taken more seriously if your grammar and sentence structure was up to par. You sound like an uneducated person, or a Russian hacker that doesn’t know proper English.

david spandikow

I ain’t gonna defend my spoiled nature or anyone’s. Me faith, whether practiced or criminalized by know-it-all politicians, is what keeps me going. When Lucifer and his followers rise up we shall mow them down. Our only son died fighting against the demons of man. Hail to the chief!


Quite often, the really evil people in our society get their comeuppance, and sometimes we actually get to see it happen. I believe Lucifer exists and that people make their own Karma. It happens too often to ignore.

Irene C Grooms

Yes Lucifer lives and he is doing every thing he can to destroy us but GOD want let him finish it i hope.

Bruce Frank

And we will never forget how Hillary paid for the creation of a false narrative against Donald Trump that was then used as an illegal basis for obtaining warrants to spy on his campaign; spread rumor leading to bogus charges against him and associates, and she has suffered not a speck for her vicious fictitious slander.

BTW, Liberty One News, I think you owe me a fee for using my phrase “what do Hillary and Lucifer have in common.” A copy of my post subject line. Obvious because “Lucifer” just isn’t “common” on the media blogosphere!

A Nonymous

What do they have in common?? Both have horny men in their lives. Only her ‘horny man’ isn’t interested in her.
Either that or she’s secretly the off-spring of Lucifer’s mating with a hyena.
Personally, I go with the latter.


tranny lucifer


What do Hillary Clinton and Lucifer have in common? Lucifer fell into Hillary’s home.

Patti Fulcher

what do she and Lucifer have in common? They are brother and sister

Kenneth R Lee

Both are evil, souless, and rotten to the core.


relation to Lucifer His child?


Both are c#nts ???

Lawanda Holmes

Just put a picture of her now & one of George Soros & you’ll see the resemblance. Lucifer & offspring.


she is a disgusting piece of trash!


They have lots in common but the thing that sets them apart is that Luciver has redeeming qualities.


That’s an easy one. She’s married to him; William (Lucifer) Clinton.


Lucifer makes his plans, then calls Hillary for permission to put it into effect.


Hillary is still soulless.


And this is whyHillary blost in 2016

Last edited 22 days ago by Radman414!
Mark Gravitte

The very hour I hear the corrupt bitch has died and gone to hell, I am going to go on my back patio, look up into the heavens and thank my loving God that the useless, soulless winch is dead. I know it sounds awful, but look at what the demonic bitch has done to millions of American citizens. If anyone is deserving of eternal hell it is she! Good riddance. Satan loves you killary!

Sharon King

Lucifer and Hillary are one and the same


Both share the same ugly carcass.

Robert S. Pelno

Lucifer in a pant suit

Mark Gravitte

Lucifer is a fallen angel. Killary is not or will never be one of God’s lovely angels. It would have been better off if that bitch had never been born. Not a hard person to follow. She leaves dead bodies wherever she goes. It’s gonna be hot 🔥 killary.

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