‘We Have Lost Track’ Taliban Handing Out ‘Visas And Passports’ To Terrorists Says Former Green Beret

The Biden administration’s reckless border policies have resulted in an unprecedented surge of illegal immigration, with more than 1.2 million people encountered at the U.S.-Mexico border in the last fiscal year.

This influx of migrants is an alarming trend, especially considering the fact that terrorist organizations like the Taliban are giving out “visas and passports” to these individuals.

Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) expressed his concern during an interview with Fox News: “We know that people from over 170 countries are now coming across our border.

The word has gone out that it’s wide open, and if you can just get there and step foot across our border then you can enter into our asylum system, get a workplace, or get a workforce visa and wait 5 to 7 years to maybe show up for court.”

Waltz continued, “And look, John, we have to remember, going back to Afghanistan, there were thousands and thousands of the most hardened ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Taliban fighters released from the prison that was at Bagram, one of them was the suicide bomber that killed our 13 Americans at Abbey Gate.

Where have they gone? We have lost track of them, and I’m hearing from Afghans still there, still in hiding from the Taliban that the Taliban are issuing visas and passports to terrorists who can leave legally and travel all over the world and come into our country that way. So, look, the lights are blinking red.”

This is a frightening reality, and it is all thanks to the Biden administration’s lax immigration policies. Not only are they allowing illegal immigrants to enter the country, but they’re also allowing individuals with links to terror organizations.

This is why it is so important to have a secure border, not one that is wide open.

What’s more, the CBP reported that the number of “special-interest” migrants, defined as non-citizens who frequently travel to locations known for “nefarious activity” or terrorist activity, has increased by 600% in the last year.

This is a direct result of the policies implemented by the Biden administration, and it puts all American citizens at risk.

It is time for the Biden administration to take responsibility for its actions and stop their reckless border policies. We need to secure our border and protect our citizens from the dangers of illegal immigration.

We must take a stand against terror organizations like the Taliban and make sure they cannot use our country as a safe haven. We cannot allow terrorists or criminals to enter our country, and we must do everything we can to prevent it.