We Are Tracking The Daily Decay of the US Military

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We’re tracking the daily decay of the US military…

Corruption, wokeness, incompetence, and elitism. No one likes this combination.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to fight for the blue-tribe, or their values. It would be impossible to serve knowing that the Biden Crime Syndicate is Commander in Chief over you. There are also severe consequences for squandering institutional trust for short-term advantage, and one of them is that no one will want to die for you, your terribly corrupted values.

The Left (blue tribe) will print the denarius until oblivion with “blank cheque” RINO support, and the Right (red tribe) usually wants to fight wars.

Since the fall of the USSR, Uniparty’s been trying to bomb everyone only to see it boomerang and backfire, LWO lasting less than a generation due to strategic stupidity. Now that they’re handing over to Woke offspring, we should in theory see confidence plummeting…

Republicans have historically shown greater confidence in the military than Dems, and while they still do, the rate has dropped from 91% in 2020 down to 68% in 2023.

As of this year, confidence levels among ruling Dems stand at 62%, while Independents stand at just 55%, but the fact that Republican confidence in the military is collapsing is significant.

As civilization declines, belief in general institutions has also been on the decline in recent years…

According to a wider Gallup poll, last year saw a drop in public confidence in 11 out of 16 institutions, including Presidency, Supreme Court. According to a poll conducted in June 2023, five institutions with the lowest ratings were Newspapers (18%), Justice System (17%), Media (14%), Big Business (14%), and Congress (8%). Lord knows what Education was.

These numbers will plummet further until:-

1. North Korea Future under ‘Joe Tzu’ et al (won’t work due to red tribal refusal of blue tribe totalitarians etc., thus enormous temperamental differential).
2. Civil War (growing political violence that gradually becomes more organised. Unlikely because what would be the point?).
3. Natural Secession Movements (e.g. red-tribe flees blue-tribe zones of chaos, secession follows downrange as hedge against further wokeness, chaos, totalitarianism etc.).

By the end of 2024, we’ll have a better idea of what’s actually going on. Trump’s triple indictment should be thought of as either 1. Sign of panic by BCS, or 2. Brazen North Korea-style signaling.




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