Watters Snaps At Ridiculous Excuses About Biden’s ‘Mysterious’ Rental Cars Fire

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Biden took his family on an expensive trip to Nantucket for a quick little vacation. Mysteriously, all 5 of Bidens Secret Service rental cars caught on fire shortly after being dropped off. The White House has yet to respond to questions while most reports are calling it a ‘freak accident’

I don’t think anyone is buying it. First off, doesn’t the Secret Service have its own cars? Why do they even need rentals?

Fox News host, Jesse Watters, is one of the few people in the mainstream media even addressing what happened while most networks are turning a blind eye.

“Something strange happened in Nantucket over the weekend and we’re trying to get to the bottom of it, Watters exclaimed”. “You see, over the Thanksgiving holiday, Joe took Jill and Hunter and the kids to the snazzy island off the coast of Massachusetts — you know, it’s a little place called Nantucket — you know, a little getaway. And they left on Sunday and hours later, boom! All five of Biden’s Secret Service rental cars burst into flames. They were parked at the Nantucket airport just feet away from the jet fuel tanks.”

Later he added that, “Here at “Primetime,” we thought this whole thing seemed kind of odd and we have some questions. First of all, why is the president’s motorcade booking Hertz rental cars? And also, look at the damage.”

Watters concluded with a series of questions that deserves answers, “Only the front of the cars were burned up? What’s that about? And plus, if these cars weren’t started and no one was in them, how could the engine catch on fire — hit all five cars? Alright, let’s say it didn’t happen randomly. If they didn’t ignite on their own, then who did it? Are there any suspects? And if so, who? Are police looking into this or did the Secret Service just leave a bunch of Tasers next to, like, a hot cigarette lighter?”


Maybe they took AF1 to Nantucket and needed rental cars, sure. But why the hell would all 5 cars burst into flames? More importantly, why isn’t anyone talking about it? Was this an assassination attempt, an accident, or a cover-up?




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