Watters Clobbers ‘Democrats Dream Team’ In NY After Crime Surged Under Hochul

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Fox News host Jesse Watters ripped New York and Progressives are none too happy. Gov. Kathy Hochul blames the system for the rise in crime when—She IS the system. Democrats have assembled an all-female ‘dream team’ (Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, and Letitia James) to swoop in and campaign on behalf of Hochul because doom is on the Democrat’s horizon.

We have seen the results of Hochul’s’ pro-crime’ policies and it has been horrendous for New York.

Watters snapped, “Hillary, Kamala and Letitia James are campaigning in Manhattan today on behalf of Kathy Hochul, who’s running for governor. Now, a Republican might win the governor’s mansion in New York. So, they’re bringing out the big guns. She’s at risk of losing the seat in New York. And now the Democrats are on defense, “Crooked’s” there, Kamala… I mean, come on, talk about lining up on your own one-yard line. New York’s a war zone. Just this morning, a woman out jogging in the West Village by the Hudson River – nice place – got raped.”

He continued, “Yeah, the person in custody, he’s homeless and he’s got 18 arrests on his record. In Buffalo, New York, a guy beat the hell out of his wife. Look at this. Look at those punches. And then he was let out with no bail. Know what he did next? He murdered her. Democrat Kathy Hochul was cornered yesterday on this, and she blamed the system.”

Watters played a clip of Hochul blaming the ‘system’—The one that she put in place:

“She is the system and her message is the system killed this woman, so re-elect the system on Tuesday. Kamala Harris just wrapped up her speech at this Hillary-Hochul event and the vice president didn’t even mention crime. Women are getting raped and murdered every day, and the most powerful women in the world ignore it. That’s exactly why they’re going to get hammered on Tuesday.”

Democrats might feel like they’ve assembled Hochul a ‘dream team’ but voters on both sides can’t stand Harris and Clinton is a political nightmare for Dems. Seeing those two promote ANYONE is laughable at this point.




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