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Watch: Veteran Advisor Slams Biden For Weaponizing COVID To Expand Power, AGAIN

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Dan Caldwell is a senior advisor to Concerned Veterans for America and let’s just say he didn’t mince words when asked to respond to Biden’s use of a law that helps US National Guardsmen to roll out his student loan bailout.

Biden used COVID-19 to justify the use of his big power grab and the veterans aren’t happy about the abuse.

Caldwell told Fox News host Sean Hannity, “the intent of this law was to help reservists and National Guardsmen like yourself who had to walk away from their civilian jobs to deploy in support of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of them are taking pay cuts to do this. And so it was only fair that they received some student loan debt relief.”

“However, there is a reference in the law to national emergencies,” Caldwell continues adding, “and the Biden administration is claiming that while COVID is a national emergency and therefore we have the power to do that.”

Caldwell notes, “Just about a month and a half ago was justification to basically undo two immigration policies that President Trump put in place. The Biden administration said, well, there’s not a COVID emergency anymore, so we don’t need to have the Title 42 in place or the Remain in Mexico policy.”

Caldwell concludes that “we really shouldn’t be surprised by this at all. I mean, we’ve seen COVID be an emergency for one week and not enacted to serve political ends. But this is just yet again another example of COVID being weaponized by the government to expand their power.”

Watch– Video From Fox News

Biden just rolled out a pricey $10,000 per person making less than $100k a year and $20k for recipients of pale grants.  Nothing was offered to people who worked hard to pay off of their loans.


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