Watch: Trump Trolls DeSantis’s Big Announcement

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Donald Trump welcomed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis into the Republican presidential race with enthusiasm and perhaps some trepidation in an offbeat yet creative way.

Known for his creative PR strategies, Trump decided to troll DeSantis by reminding the public of his immense popularity. He posted humorous videos on his social media in order to push his message home to the public; a video of what appeared to be a SpaceX rocket falling over with “Ron! 2024” written on it.

But perhaps that was not enough for Trump. He also posted a strange but ironic video which some Twitter users said included clips of Adolf Hitler and the devil, as well as billionaire George Soros, World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab, and an FBI agent openly plotting to “take out” Trump. In the video, he also made it very clear that the presidential seat belongs to him, ending the video with a joke, “Ron DeAnonymous can kiss my big, beautiful 2024 presidential ass.”

The former President then sent a number of insults aimed at DeSantis, including a jab at his nuclear launch button. Trump made it known that he had a much larger button than DeSantis, claiming that his button “works” compared to his opponent’s.

However, that was not the end of the political theatrics between the two politicians. DeSantis’s grand announcement event was plagued with technical glitches and twitter experienced a wave of mobile app crashes. Clearly, things did not go as planned for DeSantis.

Despite the comical shenanigans, Trump believes that GOP voters have nothing to worry about in this upcoming hotly contested election. Polls still show Trump at the top.

Voters should rest assured that regardless of who is chosen, the Republican party stands to benefit. Both Trump and DeSantis are experienced leaders with incredible support behind them, and the presence of both at the top of the ticket promises to be fascinating and contested.

Which, I suspect could be the outcome in the end of all of this. I’m almost willing to bet that Trump and DeSantis end up on the ticket together and that this ‘strife’ is just more theater to throw off Democrats.

Trump is confident that he will be victorious in this upcoming presidential election, and while DeSantis poses a formidable opponent, the former president believes that those GOP voters who cast their ballot in his favor will have no regrets. The election promises to be an exciting one; one that will bring the best of both experienced politicians to the forefront, and no matter who emerges triumphant, it will prove be a win-win situation for the Republican party as a whole.




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