PBS Pushes For Instant Gun-Control

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The liberal media, including the tax-funded PBS, likes to use tragedies like the Nashville shooting to push for gun control.

But what’s really bizarre is how they seem to think gun control measures like background checks would have stopped this attack.

They can’t blame the shooter. So instead, they blame the 2nd Amendment, the gun-rights lobby, and the politicians who dare to pose for photos with guns.

Take Christiane Amanpour from Amanpour & Co. During the Tuesday edition of her show, she had a self-righteous gun-control rant, despite the fact that President Biden had a Democratic-led Congress for two years which failed to pass an “assault weapons” ban, and was vice-president for eight years under liberal Barack Obama. Instead of trying to find ways to actually save lives, she found Republicans to blame for…posing for photos with guns.

“Bizarre indeed,” she said. “Firearms are the leading cause of death amongst American children and adolescents aged between one and 19. And in Nashville, three children were among the six slaughtered at their school.”

She then interviewed Dr. Joseph Sakran of Johns Hopkins Hospital, who called for guns to be considered a “public health problem.” Amanpour once again called for her own bizarre version of “sensible gun control,” which looks a lot like the gun confiscation that occurred in Australia after a mass shooting there.

No matter how many times people like Amanpour say it, guns are not the problem. The problem is the people who misuse them. Unfortunately, the liberal media likes to use tragedies like the Nashville shooting to push for gun control, ignoring the fact that guns are already heavily regulated and that the 2nd Amendment is about much more than hunting.

It’s time for the liberal media to stop using tragedies to push their gun control agenda and start looking for ways to actually save lives. We need to focus on mental health issues, on providing support systems to people who need it, and on finding ways to stop the violence that plagues our country. Gun control is not the answer because criminals don’t abide by the laws.




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