It’s apparently the job of late-night hosts to sell the left’s narratives. While Biden was slotted to appear on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, Adam Schiff appeared on the Stephen Colbert show to explain away the more questionable aspects of the January 6th hearings. Such as, why the committee needs a fancy TV producer covering the hearings.

Are the news networks not enough? Apparently not.

According to California Rep Schiff essentially said that Americans don’t have the attention span to watch the hearings—That Dem’s need to ‘spice it up’ to keep Americans interested> Essentially, the J6 politicians want to make sure the story is being told ‘their way’:

“We’re not commenting on the internal staffing or how we’re structuring the hearings, beyond a certain degree. But, look, this is a very different era than Watergate. I wish we were back in the day when the American public would sit for hours and hours at a time and watch hearings of national consequence, and they would be presented, you know, by major networks, rather than, you know, the talking heads on Fox News. But we’re in a different world now, where most people get their information from social media, where we have to be able to tell the story in an engaging way, tell it in a limited period of time.”



ADAM SCHIFF: We want the public to understand how close we came to losing our democracy. And most important, the fact that we are not out of the woods. It’d be one thing if what started on January 6 or culminated on January 6, that violent attack had ended on the sixth. It didn’t end. The effort to use the lie that resulted in that violence has continued. And if anything, our democracy is even more vulnerable today than it was on January 6.

See also  'Only Way Republicans Lose November is if They Start Acting Like Dems': Boebert Blasts Roe Fears

STEPHEN COLBERT: Now, you guys hired a fancy TV producer, a guy who used to work at ABC, to help with the broadcast. In what way is this fella helping you? And—and–, secondly, did you think you needed a fancy TV producer because the American people aren’t interested in whether democracy survives?

SCHIFF: We’re not commenting on the internal staffing or how we’re structuring the hearings, beyond a certain degree. But, look, this is a very different era than Watergate. I wish we were back in the day when the American public would sit for hours and hours at a time and watch hearings of national consequence, and they would be presented, you know, by major networks, rather than, you know, the talking heads on Fox News. But we’re in a different world now, where most people get their information from social media, where we have to be able to tell the story in an engaging way, tell it in a limited period of time.

Erica Carlin

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Coolmeadow Kid

One thing that strikes me is why do the Demonrats feel the need to go on a late night comedy show to push the ‘story’ of their Pelosi dictated, and completly partisan and rigged, committee to a purely leftist, and constantly diminishing, audience of Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show. This isn’t Johnny Carson, you know. Why is this is the first government committee of this type that wouldn’t allow the minority members of the House to choose the three who would represent them? Plus they choose only two who happen to be Rhinos and had already sold out to the Demorats and claim it is a bi-partisan committee. Couldn’t find a third stooge to do their bidding who said they were Republican to fill the third slot. Answer: If they had let the Republicans pick their own, they would have been subject to cross examination by ACTUAL Conservative Republicans. They knew their agenda for the committee couldn’t and wouldn’t stand up to that scrutiny. Which makes this committee a multi-million dollar FARCE. I can’t wait to watch Adam this November when he Schiffs in his panties.

Susan Lemay

I concur with the opinion that the committee is illegitimate.

Gary Irons


Susan Lemay

As soon as the Republicans take over Congress during the mid-terms, you can be sure that Adam will be brought up on serious charges that will prove that he knew President Trump had no connection to the Steele Dossier, that he knew who initiated and paid for it (DNC and Hilary), and that Mr. Mueller (who hid behind the guise of age and senility) also knew that there was nothing there. This is a huge fraud against this country, and the moneys spent should be part of the charges brought against all involved. Wait for it!


Adama Schiff should be in jail for life for attempting to destroy the United States.He is one sorry lying son of a bitch. Hope he arrives in HELL soon and burns forever.


What we really need is prime time hearings on real substance. Not just a one-sided biased report from the progressives. How about having a two-hour discussion on the illegal immigrants crossing our southern border, BLM being taught in our government run schools, along with inflation and the cost of energy and food? How about discussing the evidence that has been found that demonstrates the 2020 election was stolen? Now that would be interesting! Let’s put the factual evidence on the table and then let both sides defend their views. If the Democrats and the mainstream media have anything to say it will never happen.

Susan Lemay

Wes, I do believe that President Trump and his lawyers looked very closely at the formation of the Electoral College and the functions it was designed to serve. It is known that Hilary Clinton planned to try to challenge the Electoral College votes in 2016. The fact that the Democratic Party wishes to change the Electoral College Act itself indicates that there were means within its construct to challenge votes brought to the table on January 6th. Actually Senator Ted Cruz was in the process of presenting the very irregularities up for discussion. Democrats want to prevent this by changing the Act itself. Who knows what would have transpired if every lawmaker was able, that day, to present irregularities in each of the swing states that actually determined the election? The fact that the protestors prevented this certainly did not help Donald Trump! The protestors timing worked very well for Joe Biden! The irregularities being pointed out had much to do with Zuckerberg’s money paying people to set up ballot boxes all over the country and in some cases as in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where his people actually took over the counting of ballots! There was so much more. People in rest homes who were hardly cognizant were ‘helped’ to vote by people on Zuckerberg’s payroll. We should all want to now how that money was spent! In detail. And, we should be watchful in how the Democrats try to change the Electoral College Act! Stay alert.


I can see NO way that anyone who watch’s Dinesh D’Souza’s movie “2000 Mules” cannot conclude that there were a sufficient number of illegally cast ballots in certain counties in certain battleground states to have “flipped” the Electoral College totals from Biden to Trump. The 2020 election was absolutely NOT the most secure and fraud-free election in U.S. history…far from it!

Vote Count-

Schiff…You report the truth…nothing more, nothing less. No need to embellish. Your lies are YOUR LIES and nothing pertaining to Jan.6th. There is no need to sugarcoat or bring in Hollywood to dress up a mundane story that can be explained by the fact that Nancy would not call the National Guard. Get off your high horses because come November you will be knocked off of them.


Adam Schiff-for-brains would not know the truth if it rose up and punched him in the face–which hopefully it WILL in the November elections!

Susan Lemay

This is not the first time Shiff took it upon himself to change evidence to fit his narrative. Remember how he presented information during the first Impeachment? He used what he later described as ‘sarcasm’ to lay out the charges against the President! Who dares to do such a thing in public in front of everybody without being concerned about lying? Does he think this is a joke? Does he think he is the ring leader who can play the narrative like a two act play in high school? How is he not brought up on charges for being a blatant contortionist? He needs to be brought up on charges very soon.


Look Adam Americans don’t have time to sit for hours and watch lying politicians portray what they want heard. Most Americans are out working 2 jobs or both parents are working to make ends meet in this horrible administration. Most Americans know exactly what this is. It’s another Russia collusion goal plain and simple. You want to waste the taxpayers money on something go after the real rioters and arsonist and murderers that were really rioting across our country. They caused Billions in damage burning cities. Only guy that went to court for those is the guy that defended himself. Kyle Rittenhouse.

Debra tribble

Blah blah blah shitt is still schitt

Norm c

this lying piece of crap doesn’t deserve to be called senator. The people in California must vote with their eyes closed and nose blocker to hide the stench.


They voted for the person with the big D after their name. It reminded the voter of their grades in school and they feel comfortable with it. D as in dem, dumb and dense.


He’s NOT a senator, he’s a Congressman; but you’re corrrect, he doesn’t deserve to represent the people of his CD in any capacity.


They needed a “producer” because this dog and pony show was/is a TISSUE OF LIES, but they wanted to make it “entertaining for the masses” to try to get as big an audience of low-info voters for their Demmunist propaganda extravaganza, which is ALL this J6 hearing farce WAS from the get-go.

You could SEE that by the way they REJECTED the Republicans in Congress who were supposed to be on the committee and replaced them with Nasty Nancy Pelosi’s hand-picked Handmaidens–Democrats PRETENDING to be Republicans like Liz Chaney and Adam Kinzinger, who of COURSE were Trump-haters in addition to being Demmunist TURNCOAT Republicans wo didn’t hesitate to further the interests of the conniving, power-mad Demmunists.


Your “Akismet to reduce spam” is NOT working! Your site is FULL of foreign parasites pushing their spammy, scammy “get rich quick” scams!


Schifft is an insult to all intelligent Americans and STILL needs to be indicted.


This article is so biased and ridiculous it’s pitiful. Pure Communist Democrat nonsense. The sad part is that many law abiding citizens have been abused and mistreated for half a year because of Nutty Nancy’s and I’m sure Shifty Schiff’s incompetence.

Susan Lemay

I watched the programming. It did not even resemble a house of representatives hearing. There were no challenges or requests for clarification of the ideas presented. The filming of actions were just plain chaotic. I was not presented with anything that I didn’t already know. I do not believe the Proud Boys were clearly identified and responsible for what I did see. I also did not see Ashley Babbit being shot point blank and being told that the shooter was not identified for months. I also did not hear any factual reason given why five capitol police took their own lives after the event. I do not believe this is at all ‘normal’ and believe that their collective reason should be pursued.


I truly hope someone is coming to end your worthless lying life

james henry james

I was amazed he didn’t bring in the Russians! Remember all the proof that was absolute he claimed he had! That he had nothing ! But now he want the super stupid to swallow this new farce! And their first night they couldn’t even read what Trump said cause it made them all look like total fools! And if you think Trump was wrong about you stealing the election? Get out of the way and let the people look! Quit spending millions covering what you did! Schiff is scared he will be exposed again as the buffoon he is! And if Trump doesn’t get him the people will! Can’t wait for the committee that prosecutes them ! If the Democrats didn’t cheat they wouldn’t be spending millions trying to keep the people from checking would they?

Juan Guadaloupe

He’s right about one single thing, they are afraid, afraid of the amount of people that showed up on j6 to have their voices heard. They’re afraid because they know there’s even more people in the country that in their hearts wanted to be there and they are afraid because they don’t have any evidence of any right wing domestic violence groups.
Like everything else they push on the Americans they despise it’s actually they themselves who are the actual problem, they are the domestic terrorists, they are the liars and the criminals who hide behind censorship and false accusations. They need to go…


Schiff is great as comedian spinning the dog and pony show.


And they thought Nixon was bad, this thing makes Nixon look look like a choir boy, shifty is nothing but vile,evil,white trash.


The “Schiffless One” (and “No Nads Nadler”) are the absolute worst type of politicians…those that believe that they will never be held personally responsible for any dispicable/criminal act that they commit…even perpetrating a communist style “show trial”…times three now with the J6 “kangaroo court.”




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