WATCH: President Trump Weighs in On Joe Biden’s Disastrous Debate Performance

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President Trump gave a speech at a large rally in Chesapeake, Virginia, where he was anticipated to discuss his strong performance against Joe Biden the previous night.

He lived up to expectations by not only addressing the face-off with Biden but also unveiling new derogatory nicknames for the deceitful and mentally unfit White House resident.

In front of approximately 10,000 attendees, Trump celebrated his debate with Biden as a “significant triumph,” eliciting enthusiastic approval from the crowd.

“As you saw on television last night, we had a big victory against a man who is looking to destroy our country,” Trump proclaimed triumphantly. “This is the most incompetent president in the history of our country.”

Trump proceeded to elicit uproarious laughter from the crowd as he ridiculed Biden’s purportedly intensive preparation for the confrontation.

“Biden spent the entire week at Camp David resting, working, studying—he studied so hard he didn’t know what the hell he was doing,” Trump explained. “He got the debate rules he wanted, the date he wanted, the network he wanted but no amount of rest or rigging could help him defend his atrocious record.”

Trump then shifted his focus to a critical concern for America, beyond just a debate: the potential survival of the nation if the current incumbent were to secure another term as “president.” It’s a question whose answer we are all well aware of.

“The question every voter should be asking themselves today is not whether Joe Biden can survive a 90-minute debate performance—but whether America can survive four more years of Crooked Joe Biden in the White House,” Trump said.

“Remember: the biggest problem for our country is not Joe Biden’s personal decline—it’s that Joe Biden’s policies are causing America’s decline at a level we have never seen,” Trump added. “That’s why this November, the people of Virginia and the people of America are going to tell Crooked Joe Biden, ‘You’re fired… get h*ll out of here!’

“But we don’t just need to fire Biden—as you saw yesterday, the whole Democrat Party deserves to be voted out of office.”

Trump then bestowed upon Biden a perfectly fitting new nickname, given that Biden either lied or froze up during the debate.

“Pinocchio Joe lied about all the things that I did to preserve Social Security,” Trump told his supporters. “He is going to destroy Social Security by allowing all of these people (illegal aliens) in.”

Trump fans mostly loved the new nickname and complimented his humor.




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