New Nation Humiliates NPR Rep, Drills Him For Being ‘State-TV’

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The Left loves to label news outlets that don’t align with their agenda as “state-affiliated” in order to discredit them. But National Public Radio (NPR) recently got a dose of their own medicine when Twitter slapped the outlet with a “US state-affiliated media” label and they are losing their minds!

On NewsNation, host Leland Vittert recently destroyed liberal strategist Kaivan Shroff after he was woefully unprepared to defend NPR’s taxpayer-funded privileges. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had defended NPR’s “independence”, but Vittert asked Shroff whether it was “a good thing for the White House press secretary to be weighing in on what news organizations the White House deems hard-hitting and worth.”

Shroff cheered Jean-Pierre’s comments and called it “an important moment…because…comparing our publicly funded journalism to state media from Russia and China is incredibly inappropriate.” He cited local NPR affiliates providing local news when other local stations are “dying” and would otherwise leave a news “vacuum.”

But Vittert wasn’t having it: “But…how can…saying that because something’s funded by revenue that it is not independent, but somehow something that is funded by the federal government is independent even though they are dependent on a certain party that it to be in power to fund them?”

Shroff stumbled, arguing that “there’s laws that [support] NPR” and claiming publicly-funded journalism is better than privately-funded journalism because it allows “diversity of opinion that isn’t necessarily backed by corporate interests.”

Vittert then noted that Republicans have tried to defund NPR over the years. Shroff didn’t understand why this matters, but Vittert clarified: “No, I mean, Republicans don’t like NPR…So, if Republicans get their way, NPR would be defunded. How does that not create a real moral hazard for NPR?”

At the end of the day, it’s clear that liberal media outlets like NPR, who are funded by taxpayers, are taking political liberties with the news. The Left can’t have it both ways. They can’t attack news outlets who don’t align with their agenda as “state-affiliated” while also relying on taxpayer dollars to do their work.

It’s time for the Left to stop trying to control the narrative and allow all media outlets to report the news without bias, regardless of their political leanings. It’s time to take a stand against taxpayer-funded media and support real, unbiased journalism.




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