WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Suffers Brain Failure Live on TV

When you think who some of the worst Democrats in Congress are, there are several people who come to mind.

Your mind may instantly shift to people like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But I think someone who is worse – although not as radical as the Squad – is Nasty Nancy Pelosi.

The reason why I would say she’s the worst is because of her attitude and her power. She has the “let them eat cake” attitude towards our economy and a “do as I say, not as I do” hypocrisy that is just maddening.

She is by far one of the most powerful people in the country in that the Democrats will largely do what she says. And with a Democrat control over the House, this makes her very powerful.

But the thing that really makes her dangerous is that she’s so separated from reality and she’s senile. For crying out loud she’s an 81-year-old woman who has been pampered for her entire life, yet she thinks she knows her constituents and what they want. Give me a break.

Nearly every time she gets up to speak during a press conference, she bumbles around just about as much as Joe Biden does.

Last week, Nancy Pelosi took the podium to talk about a bill. She was trying to explain it but honestly, I don’t even understand what it is she’s trying to communicate.

She goes off the rails, apparently mixing in references to the EAGLE Act, a bill passed in the House aimed at China, with the names of current and former members of Congress (including one who is now deceased) and various stages of brain freeze.

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“We have a bill in the House. It’s the McGovern bill. It’s a stronger bill, uh, than the, uh, the — it is, it’s, a bill that we could have freestanding or a bill that is in the EAGLE Act, that is part of the, um, the, um, Mr. — Foreign Affairs Committee, Mr. Kendrick Meeks — no, Gregory Meeks’ bill. Kendrick — we’re all very sad about losing Carrie Meek this week, so I referenced her son.”

“But chairman Meeks’ bill in the, um, in the House — so we will have that, but you see, in a defense — in a bill, whether it’s in the — whatever that thing’s called that they have in the Senate — or in a DOD bill, the Senate does not have the right to have a revenue or an appropriations matter.”

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How do you suck camel ass over the internet?

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Major brain fart from an old arse.

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Gerald Ladd

The last two times I listened to her, she sounds more, and more like brain dead drooling Joe! Is brain dead catchy?


She is a doozy that is for sure. Just a little more Vodka, Vicodin and Botox and she needs to be gone. Unreal we have these brain dead drooling people in our Government.


Let us just get her to smile. SHe will bleed to death

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Shirley K Cassell

this woman needs gone!!! to make this many mistakes in one speech that she claims she knows everything about?? She best re-look at the Eagles Act she is trying to attach it to.

Beatriz Rowe

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She has to be the WORST Speaker of the House ever in my lifetime.

joe blow

Shes as senile as biden plus drunk


Liberal students spamming conservative sites, they are pathetic losers


LOL! What a Train Wreck!!-A Very good Example of Why the Once Great U.S.A.? Is Sinking Like the Titanic With Senile fools Trying To Figure out Which Hand Wipes Best! Who In Their Right Mind Would Continue to Look the Other way While the Country Crumbles?-Those Who Are Letting it Sink are Just as Responsible as The Seniors Pretending that Covid is Real?-Almost as Bad As the Fools Trying to Defecate on Canada!-If Only They had Taken the Real Experimental Cocktail We Could see them Die on Live T.V.!!!


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Years of the daily Gin and Xanax regimen has taken its toll. Along with everything else, her mannerism(s) in public VERY frequently indicate that she’s struggling with dry-mouth. While other things can cause it, dry-mouth can be a clear indication of heavy anxiolytic(s) use.

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