Liberals Are Experiencing Bad Case of Buyer’s Remorse: ‘I Feel Tricked!’

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Fox News host Carley Shimkus asked Biden supporters how they’re feeling about their leader now and of course, they almost unanimously agreed that they all felt tricked.

These were just everyday voters which included a single mom and a student who’s struggling to feed herself thanks to Biden’s economic disaster.

“I believed him when he said that kids would be back to normal and school would be fully reopened in the first 100 days,” Murakhver said.

“And here we are a year and a half into the presidency and in blue areas like where I live, New York City, kids are far from normal…there is no attempt to even try to restore these kids.”

“I think Biden needs to do better,” Mikaela King said. “He didn’t come to any of his promises, he didn’t meet them at all and I feel tricked.”

“Lifelong Democrat” Natalya Murakhver also expressed disappointment in Biden’s performance but pointed toward the effects of lockdowns on children.

“The media portrayed Biden as someone who would fix this country,” King said, but told Shimkus “everything has gone up” and that she was working three jobs, including delivering for Doordash and Instacart but still was “struggling to feed” herself.


Marissa Caro-Cortese says she’s unhappy with Biden but doesn’t regret voting for him. “I just think he’s not going to be able to run again,” Caro-Cortese said. “There’s just no way.”

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Monday that President Biden’s 2024 plans have not changed — he will run for re-election.

Many, including a chief strategist for former President Obama’s two presidential campaigns, have pointed out that Biden’s age could become a liability.

I would argue that it’s not just his age but his mental cognizance. I know people older than Biden with more cognitive abilities. He’s just not all there and has no business leading a nation— In my humble opinion.




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